Flossing teeth in the traditional way is perhaps one of the most tedious dental care tasks no matter which way you look at it.

It’s not a fun activity at all, but you really can’t skip out on that part of your daily ritual.

Regular flossing comes with a hundred percent recommendation from dentists, and well, your mother probably said the same thing as well, didn’t she?

But, no matter how much you try telling yourself that “dentists are not real doctors,” the simple fact remains that flossing is integral to oral health.

And the Interplak by Conair portable cordless water flossing system is one such device that makes the whole system not just easier, but a very fun activity as well!

So, if you’re looking for an incredibly convenient way of keeping your teeth fresh and clean, then the Interplak by Conair might just be the perfect pick for you.

Why go for the Interplak over the rest?

When you search this product online, you will find that most of the Interplak cordless water flosser reviews talk about the basic layout of the device and how it helps to keep teeth clean.

However, we will be mainly focusing on how this flosser differs from the countertop variants and other cordless models of its kind.

We all are aware of the advantages that an automatic flosser holds over the traditional floss thread. From flushing out plaque and food debris more efficiently to helping the gums prevent gingivitis, it does a lot. And the Interplak does all of this and more.

1. Convenience and design.

Portability is perhaps one of the most attractive features of this Interplak classic water flossing system. It’s designed to be incredibly compact and lightweight and allow you to carry it around wherever you want.

From camping trips to deep forest trekking, be rest assured that you’re carrying your oral health along.

Moreover, the Interplak is cordless. This is what grants it so much of portability, to begin with. You don’t have to keep it attached to a countertop, and having it constantly hooked to the wall is not an option.

It runs on 2 AA batteries and can go on for days, even under extreme use. Longevity is one advantage that the Interplak holds over the other cordless models in today’s market and is precisely why it’s so sought after.  

2. Ease of use.

The Interplak comes with one of the best water jet tips in the market. It’s highly precise, and as the handle has an easy grip feature; accurately aiming the water flow at the spot you want has never been easier!

It also has a water tank attached to the handle which holds around 200 ml and will give you around 50 seconds of a cleaning spray, which is quite a lot for a cordless model.

Additionally, instead of just plain water, you can fill the tank with mouthwash. As the mouth of the tank is conveniently removable with an easy-fill feature, you can always choose to go in for a bit of mouthwash as the flossing agent to impart some additional freshness.

3. The Pressure system and gum care.

The Interplay by Conair has two unique pressure settings as opposed to the standard seven pressure setting of a countertop model.

However, even with the lower pressure settings, we feel that two is all you need to make the most of your oral hygiene.

With the highest setting at 75 PSI, the Interplak goes a long way in taking care of your gums and preventing major gum based diseases such as gingivitis and plaque.

Medically speaking, gum care has a lot to do with massaging your gums and cleaning between the gaps in your teeth. Now, traditional floss threads did the food residue removal part rather well, but what it generally failed at was in massaging the gums and making the teeth roots stronger.

If you tried to use the thread to massage your gums and applied a bit too much pressure accidentally, then you run the risk of injuring the gums and even cause bleeding.

Interplak avoids this by maintaining a stable and accurate water flow, which is light on the gums and helps massage them in the process. It makes your mouth feel incredibly refreshed after each use and helps to make your bite much stronger.

What could have been better?

When it comes to the disadvantages of this dental flossing system, the primary thing that many users find to be disappointing is the maximum water pressure that is provided.

Sure! A 75 PSI can make a lot of us happy, but for those who are looking for a deep cleaning device, the Interplak is just not as powerful as the countertop models. The 200 ml capacity is also rather small for that extra thorough clean, and filling up the tank over and over can be rather inconvenient.

Even though with the high precision tip, cleaning out mouths with certain teeth alignments with a limited amount of force can certainly be an issue.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Water force is not as high as the countertop models.

  • Not recommended for extremely deep cleaning.

Final Thoughts

The Interplak compact water flossing system is just amazing when it comes to taking optimal care of your oral health. Form preventing gingivitis to cleaning out food residue, it makes the daily ritual of flossing your teeth a very fun activity indeed.

We hope that you found our review today to be helpful.

Till next time!