The Goal…

Water Flosser Guide was started with one simple idea. We wanted to help people make informed decisions about their oral health. Providing well-researched information that readers could trust and recommend to friends and family.

Where It Started…

In 2014… a couple of friends who were all dentists and oral health specialists in their own right, came together to create a list of what was working for their patients who had problems with gum disease and bad breath.

This list grew very large in a short space of time and it was decided to put the findings online to make it accessible to everyone. We all made some very interesting findings. While flossing can help reduce many oral health problems, patients just hated using the traditional string method.

Water Flossers came onto the market to fix this problem and after testing and trails, the team wanted to share the findings online.

The original bloggers Bradley and Jelena still write on the blog today alongside many other oral health specialists.

Our Team…

Bradley is one of the cofounders of Water Flosser Guide and specialises in reviewing electric flossers and cordless flossers. He is currently living in the united states of america

Bradley is one of the co-founders at Water Flosser Guide. He is a dentist who specializes in gum disease. He is passionate about electric flossers and the benefits they can have to a patient.

happy female dentist in dental clinic, reviewing a series of flossers and electric water flossers

Jelena is one of the original co-founders here at Water Flosser Guide and a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. A passionate dentist and one of the main contributors to this website.

Our Aim…

With a world were health is becoming an increasing concern, it’s more important than ever to provide quality accurate information. From the very beginning of this website, we aimed to provide that quality information without the expense of giving misleading information for a quick buck.

Our team is passionate about oral health and love writing, advising and helping people to overcome their varying dental issues. So please have a look around and view our articles that are designed to help with issues specific to your needs.