Benefits of Water Flossing

benefits of water flossingWater flossers have become popular for a host of reasons. Although most people know the benefits of flossing their teeth, this is not a very pleasant thing to do. Water flossers have made flossing a lot easier. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of water flossing.

Ditch the String Floss. Upgrade to a Water Flosser. 

String floss causes pain and gum bleeding. A water flosser uses a stream of water to effectively remove plaque. Learn more: Best Water Flosser Review – Ditch String Floss For Good

A water flosser can reduce inflammation because it sends water between your teeth but do not put much pressure on the gums. It removes plaque without putting any accidental pressure. If you use conventional floss, your gums may swell. By choosing a water flosser, you can ensure healthy gums.

Water flossing removes plaque

With a stream of water, a water flosser can remove food particles, plaque and debris. You just have to make sure that the device is approved by the ADA. You may not get a very good result if you buy a counterfeit product. That is why you should be choosy when buying this device.

It can reduce not only plaque deposits but also gingival bleeding. The design and type of the water flosser will determine the magnitude of plaque reduction. If you have experience with water flossing, you will conclude that it is better than string floss.

People with braces can use water flossers

Regular flossing is not easy if you have dental implants, crowns, bridges and lingual braces. No matter what type of hardware you have in your mouth, you can use a water flosser. When discussing the benefits of water flossing, we must mention this fact.

Cleaning around braces is more important, because food particles stick to braces. A water flosser can maneuver around them very well. By using a water flosser, you can make sure that no plaque is stuck between or next to your teeth.

If you find it hard to clean some particular areas in your mouth, a water flosser can be a blessing for you. People using braces love water flossers. If you have braces, you will be thankful to the manufacturers of this device.

Water flossing does not hurt

If you use a water flosser correctly, it does not hurt at all. Compared to traditional floss, a water flosser can reduce gingival bleeding more effectively. If you have issues with gingival bleeding, a water flosser is definitely a better choice than string floss. The way it treats gingival bleeding is amazing.

Even if you have never flossed your teeth, you will find water flossing pretty comfortable. Although some users feel a little bit of discomfort, it goes away within a few days, when they get used to it.  And once you are familiar with this feeling, you will like the feeling.

But you should contact your dentist immediately if your gums redden, hurt, bleed or swell. It happens rarely, but if it happens to you, do not worry. Most likely you will enjoy using a water flosser.

Comfort is one of the most notable benefits of water flossing. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many people are in love with this device.

Water flossers can cure gum diseases

The ADA has approved this device for a good reason. If you have disturbing plaque and gingivitis, your will be thankful to the manufacturers of this amazing device, because a water flosser can gradually cure these diseases and prevent other nasty gum diseases.

The ADA has tested the devices multiple times and then approved them. If you are hesitant to use an electric device to clean your mouth, think again. It’s perfectly logical to use a device that helps you take care of your oral health.

No harsh effect

There are people who have never tried water flossers but are concerned that the stream of water can have a bad effect on gums. But in fact, the stream of water does only one thing: cleaning. The concern of those people are unfounded. Gentle effect is one of the best benefits of water flossing.

But, if there is any bad effect, it’s from the incorrect use of the device. If you use a dental flosser improperly, it is possible to affect the gingival attachment.

The device may also affect your teeth if you use the setting improperly. If you set it too high, the stream of water may hit your gums forcefully. But of course that force will not hurt you.

If you use the device as directed, it is hard to cause any damage with it. If you find it hard to understand the settings, your dentist can help you. Water flossing and regular flossing can be combined, especially if you are still hesitant to use an electric device to clean your teeth.

First, floss with your string. Once you have loosened the plaque, use the water flosser. The debris will be flushed away. The next step is thorough brushing. Any stubborn stain will be removed if you use fluoride toothpaste.

More effective than string floss

If you are used to traditional floss, you will instantly feel that a water flosser is more effective. This is the best benefit of this device. It can not only remove plaque but also reduce gum bleeding.

It can also address gingivitis. That means, a water flosser is safer, easier and better for your oral health. When we talk about the benefits of water flossing, we must mention this fact.

Other benefits

To take care of your overall health, you must maintain your dental hygiene. It is not difficult at all to take care of your dental health and avoid complications, if you are a little bit serious about your oral hygiene. Using a water flosser should be a part of your daily routine. You will enjoy a host of benefits of this fancy device.

Many people cope with dental issues such as periodontitis and gingivitis and visit dentists only when the suffering is unbearable. You have little chance of having infections if you use a good quality water flosser.

The reduction of inflammation is the most important benefit of using a water flosser. The reduction of inflammation also means reduced risk of gingivitis. As a result, you do not have to deal with nasty problems such as bleeding. These are the most notable benefits of water flossing.

People with implants find this device very useful. This method is gentle, and it removes more plaque. The device sprays water on the gum, and ensures deep cleaning. Once you start using a water flosser, you will realize that a traditional flosser is not as effective as a water flosser.

No plaque or debris will be left if you use the device correctly. Deep cleaning of the gums is the main reason why more and more people are looking for the device. Using traditional floss apparently has some limitations.

If you are familiar with traditional floss, you know it well that it may sometimes lead to bleeding. But a water flosser works in a gentler way, and it can never cause any harm to your gums.

If you want to treat your teeth gently and keep them healthy, using a water flosser is one of the best things you can do.

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