Stop Hurting Your Gums Best Dental Floss For Tight Teeth

Let’s start off by stating again and again how important flossing is.

You just can’t have a complete oral hygiene regimen without flossing.

While brushing is number one, it cannot clean the deeply shielded areas between the teeth. Which is why flossing comes in at a close second.

Flossing is not an easy task, believe us we know! And when you have tight teeth with virtually no spaces between them, the process becomes even more difficult.

Which is why we are providing you with a list of the best dental floss for tight teeth.

The problem with tight teeth

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    Some people think that because their teeth are so tightly packed, that food debris and plaque cannot possibly find their way between them. Therefore neglect flossing all together. Sadly they are gravely mistaken, since plaque and bacteria can reach anywhere in the mouth that is left uncleaned. Even if you think there is no space for them.
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    People who do attempt to clean those tight spaces often find enormous difficulty as the string gets cut or frayed as it passes between the teeth. For this there are a number of solutions. Especially in today’s market with the emergence of new technologies and trends of oral hygiene (Hint: WATER FLOSSERS).


#1 Best Overall Dental Floss for Tight Teeth - Oral B Glide Prohealth Comfort Plus Dental Floss


Glides 50% more easily between tight spaces

#2 Radius Natural Silk Floss

Spun from Natural Silk Thread - 100% Biodegradable

#3 Dr. Tungs Smart Floss

Removes up to 55% more plaque

Our picks: Best floss for tight teeth

But until you can get one of these, here is a list of best dental floss for tight teeth:

1. Oral B Glide Prohealth Comfort Plus Dental Floss

There is no way we could compile a list of the best dental floss (or best anything related to oral hygiene really) without mentioning Oral B.

The US giants of the industry have been around for decades and produce absolutely everything related to oral care. From toothbrushes to toothpastes and mouthwashes. But they are particularly popular for their dental floss.

Oral B produce about a dozen brands of dental floss, however this one is of particular interest especially for people with tightly packed teeth.

It is a mono-filament floss (which means the entire thing is made of one very long string, unlike most others which are made of several strings woven together). So no fraying is expected and is also extra thin and coated with beeswax, making it glide very easily and gently between even the tightest spaces.

In fact, Oral B claims that this particular product glides 50% more easily between tight spaces compared to other products (it says so on the box). From what the consumers say, they are not exaggerating on this one.

2. Radius Natural Silk Floss

For those with a green thumb and preferring all natural products, this one is for you.

It is very rare that you find a floss with all natural ingredients. Even the string itself in this case is made of natural silk.

By the way silk is better than traditional nylon that is used in most dental flosses, as it is not only stronger, but bacteria resistant as well.

Radius is a US based company that was started by an architect. If you see their other products you would instantly feel the difference in the design mindset.

In addition to a natural silk string, this floss has no preservatives, no Gluten, no paraben or wax and no artificial flavors.

Instead it is coated with Candelilla Plant wax and infused with teal leaf oil, which is a natural antimicrobial.

Not only that, but the entire string is biodegradable as well, all 32 yards of it.

So it is an excellent product for people who believe that nature has its rights and try to uphold these rights to the max.

3. Tungs Smart Floss

This is another company that opted for an all-natural product, as opposed to all other leading brands.

Dr. Tung’s is a US based company that manufactures all-natural oral care products. Starting of course with dental floss, in addition to gum therapy oils and (strangely enough) natural toothbrushes!

Dr. Tung’s Smart floss even takes nature loving to a whole other level. Not only is the string made of natural materials and biodegradable. The packaging is biodegradable as well, can you believe it?

The string itself is made of polyester fibers, coated with a blend of natural vegetable wax and beeswax. Not only that, but they claim it is softer and stretchable, meaning it would not hurt your fingers as you grasp them.

It is also gentler on the gums minimizing trauma and cuts and bruises. As well as being gluten free, preservative free and has all-natural Cardamom flavor. Which is kind of a double edged weapon since it is the only flavor available.

Flavor aside, you simply cannot go wrong with this brand of floss.

4. Listerine Ultraclean Floss

The last name on our list for the best dental floss for tight teeth is a big one.

Listerine needs no introduction, but perhaps none of us knew that they made quality dental floss as well!

Ultra-clean floss is a technological marvel. It is a mono-filament shred resistant string coated with wax for easy stretching and passing between tight spaces without shredding or fraying. But that’s not all.

The incredible MICRO-GROOVES technology is truly awesome. In simple terms, the string itself is ribbed with tiny grooves, making the total surface area that comes in contact with the teeth far larger.

So when they say it removes plaque 2 times as much as other brands, they truly mean it.

The combination of all these features gives you a floss that not only is suitable for very tight spaces, but one that is extra effective in doing its original job. Which is cleaning plaque and debris.

Best dental floss for tight teeth, answered!

So there you have it, a list of the best dental floss for tight teeth. All you have to do is select one that suits your needs and interests.