Best Floss Picks For Tight Teeth: the easy solution just got easier

Nobody can deny the importance of flossing. But at the same time, we can’t deny that it is not an easy task.

A person who flosses on a regular basis is considered by dentists to be quite a hero and it reflects directly on his or her oral health. Especially when they go for that dreaded check-up at the dental office.

However, it is not the act itself that is troubling you, but more likely the method of flossing.

In today’s world you are no longer restricted to traditional string floss, as there are a lot of ways that you can use to floss.

Which is why we are bringing you our top picks for best floss picks for tight teeth.


#1 Oral B Glide Prohealth Dental Floss Picks


Slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces

#2 Dentek Complete Clean Floss Picks

Fits Tight Teeth - 4x Clean (Removes plaque, Easily reach back teeth and Freshens breath)

#3 Pearlbar Planet-loving Charcoal Floss

Charcoal Infused - 100% Biodegradable and Vegan

Best floss picks for tight teeth on the market today

Floss picks are the easiest and most affordable solution to make your life easier.

Other methods like interdental brushes are also available but not as easy to use as floss picks.

Of course the emergence of water flossers and air flossers have made it so easy that your dentist would probably recommend them. But we know these aren’t for everyone and need quite some saving to be able to afford them. Especially if you have a large household.

For these reasons, we recommend using floss picks. They are similar to traditional string floss, only mounted on a hard plastic frame, making the handling way easier.

1. Oral B Glide Prohealth Dental Floss Picks

We start our list of with a bang, and a pretty big one.

Oral B is probably the number one name for dental hygiene products around the world. Pumping out more than 40 different products from mouthwashes to toothbrushes, and of course dental floss.

Over and above, they have recently introduced the GLIDE line of dental floss. Which offers a shred resistant polymer string, coated for the ultimate ease of “gliding” between the teeth.

So it is of particular use to people with exceptionally tight teeth.

Another benefit of this particular brand of floss pick is it’s design. Most other floss picks would place the piece of string parallel to the handle, and if you are a regular user of floss picks you would know how difficult it is to reach the back of the mouth with these.

Oral B found the solution and made the string perpendicular to the handle instead. So you can easily reach the back of the mouth with no need for additional stretching.

And finally, the cherry on top for this awesome brand of floss picks is its tension control handle. They added a handle which you can squeeze making the string tighter to slide easily between the teeth. Then you release the pressure so that it collects more plaque and debris!

Adding all these features of pure genius together gives you the #1 best floss picks for tight teeth brand from our perspective, and quite rightfully so.

2. Dentek Complete Clean Floss Picks

Dentek is a US based company that specializes in oral care products. But not the typical mouthwash or toothbrushes, although they have a small variety of these. Their focus is more on products that are hard to find but still quite needed.

Examples being tongue scrapers, mouth guard cleaners and of course floss picks. They even have a few floss pick products for kids!

Dentek Complete Clean Floss is one of the top brands of floss picks and is recommended by many dentists for a number of reasons.

First of all, the handle is flexible making the reach and use incredibly easy. Second is the strong, shred resistant string that can pass between even the tightest spaces with low risk of breaking.

On the other hand, they also have an opposite side with an interdental bristle brush for people who have wide spaces.

Finally, the string itself is coated with a Fluoride layer to remove plaque more efficiently and prevent it from ever building-up again. All while strengthening the surface of the tooth in the process.

All in all, Dentek offers a great option as one of the best tooth picks for tight teeth.

3. Pearlbar Planet-loving Charcoal Floss

For everyone that prefers to use environmentally friendly products this one is for you.

This is the first and probably only floss pick made completely of natural products and completely biodegradable as well.

The Australian based company PearlBar was founded for one reason and one reason only. That is preserving Mother Nature.

They have other quite unique and effective products on the market such as charcoal toothpaste and bamboo tooth brushes.

You might ask “why charcoal” and that is the genius of this brand. Charcoal is natures oldest and most powerful cleaner. In fact, it is incorporated into some toothpastes and mouthwashes. Not only that, but it can also whiten the teeth!

Add to that the fact that this brand is completely eco-friendly, with no animal products or animal testing at all. You can see why it has a place on our list and why it is the favorite brand for nature enthusiasts.

4. Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flosser

The first company that ever created a floss pick over 40 years ago definitely deserves a spot on our best floss picks for tight teeth list.

Plackers practically introduced the idea of floss picks into the market and has been active for decades. It also manufactures other oral care products such as children’s toothbrushes and ready-made night guards for those who grind their teeth during sleep.

Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flosser may seem like all the other floss picks, but there is one key feature that you probably won’t find anywhere else. That is the TUFFLOSS technology.

To put it in simple terms, this piece of string is virtually indestructible. Even when used in extremely thin filaments. Some consumers even say that it is tough to cut it with scissors if you can imagine that!

This feature guarantees the longest lifetime and the ability to be used in the tightest spaces without shredding or stretching.

Another addition to this floss pick is the fold-away toothpick on the other side. Which you can use if you have unconventionally large spaces between your teeth.

So as far as strength and effectiveness, Plackers certainly have upped the game.

Best floss picks for tight teeth, solved!

So if you decided to switch to floss picks because they are easier, we applaud your enthusiasm regarding your dental health. We encoursage you to select one of the best floss picks for tight teeth from our list above.