Best Oral Breeze Irrigators Review

His our pick of the 2 Best Oral Breeze Irrigators reviewed right here, to make your buying decision that much easier.

The need for oral devices and products to help us save time is on the rise.

But knowing which type of device is best for you can be confusing to say the least.

That’s why we’ve taken care of the hassle for you and outline the features of the oral breeze irrigators reviewed below.

Oral Irrigators Are Better Than Flossing

Before we delve onto the full review, let me tell you a bit about why water flossers and oral irrigators are more ideal than your traditional toothbrush.

Oral irrigation devices are recommended by dentists all over the world. They have been clinically proven to be 90% more effective than traditional flossing. And most of all, they treat bleeding gums, gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath, loose teeth and swollen gums.

So what is the difference between the two water flossers from Oral Breeze?

Differences Between Our Top Oral Irrigators

These devices from Oral Breeze may have a similar function and purpose, but they are unique in one way or another. Which means one of these irrigators is bound to be perfect for your specific needs.

The main difference between the oral irrigators reviewed here are:

  • the Quickbreeze Oral Irrigator connects to your sink faucet, and
  • the Showerbreeze Oral Irrigator connects to your shower.

1. QuickBreeze Oral Irrigator Review

This oral irrigator attaches to your sink faucet which means there is no water reservoir to worry about or to refill like traditional water flossers. This does also mean you won’t be able to use a mouthwash rinse with it.

The faucet adaptor is made of metal with a high shine, so it should blend in perfectly with your bathroom fixtures. It is also made to connect with 99% of faucets around the world. Attaches to faucets

No battery or electricity is required. If you like to travel and want to take your oral irrigator with you, at least you don’t need to worry about buying a rechargeable battery for it.

Because there is no motor, there is literally no noise generated by the device except for the sound of the running water stream. This is a big plus, as a lot of consumers tend to complain about the noise of your electric water flossers.

Some of the minor disadvantages include not being able to adjust the water pressure. This is determined by your sinks water pressure. The hose is perhaps a little short and could have been longer.

Overall, this really is one the best oral breeze irrigators on the market that is both affordable and effective as a non-electric water flosser.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Attaches directly to your sink faucet, so no water reservoir.
  • ​Faucet adaptor is metal and not plastic.
  • Can be used with 99% of faucets around the world.
  • No battery or electricity required.
  • No noise.
  • Comes with two tips.

Quickbreeze Oral Irrigator Installation Video

2. ShowerBreeze Oral Irrigator Review

The Oral Breeze Showerbreeze Irrigator is a fantastic way to save time and make less mess when conducting your oral health routine. Best of all, it’s actually quite a fun device to use in the shower.

Again, this device was made to fit 99% or all showers around the world and the installation is fairly simple. Only a few tools are needed, just check out the installation video below.

The Showerbreeze system can also be useful for cleaning soap dishes, holding bars and product containers in your shower.

It comes with a coiled hose, which makes it very convenient to stack when not in use. And lastly, no mess! You won’t have to worry about water getting everywhere as you are already in a shower.

The only two downsides to this device is that you can’t use it without having the shower on as well. You can certainly use your shower on its own, but not the irrigator.

And there is no pressure or pulse control, this is set at whatever water pressure is coming out of your shower.

  • PRos
  • CONS
  • ​Cannot use the irrigator on its own.
  • No pulsation or pressure control.

Showerbreeze Oral Irrigator Installation video

Best Oral Breeze Irrigators Review Wrap Up

Well there you have it! The two best oral breeze irrigators compared side by side. The glaring difference really is where you want to use the device, either at your bathroom sink or in your shower. The choice is yours. Hopefully this review has been helpful towards your buying decision.