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Floss Like A Boss With Waterpik Reviews By Dentists (including other cheaper brands)

Written by: Tarek Miller
Last Updated: September 4th, 2019

Everyone knows that flossing is important, it’s been drilled into us from day-one; TV commercials, dentists, our parents—everyone has told us that we shouldn’t skip flossing.

We know that it only takes a few minutes to floss. Somehow, though, those couple minutes of flossing seem like they’ll last an eternity.

But what if flossing didn’t have to be so tedious? What if flossing didn’t turn your fingers purple from a too-tight string, or didn’t turn your gums into a bloody mess?

There are a ton of water flossers available, and we will make choosing easy.

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Top 3 Water Flossing Review



[Best Cordless/Travel]


Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser 

[Top Choice for Kids!]


Waterpik Waterflosser for Kids, White WP-260

1. Overall: Waterpik WP-660

Waterpik is a household name for water flossers, and the Aquarius Professional is the best example of what Waterpik models can do.

By far this is the best waterpik flosser on the market and most popular of all time. It tops the list of our waterpik water flosser reviews and for good reason. 

The Waterpik Aquarius Professional is not only effective at what it does but is also extremely convenient and user-friendly. 

It has on/off water control on the handle and an LED information panel, both of which improve ease of use. It has 10 different pressure settings and changing the pressure is fast and easy.

It also has a 1-minute timer with a 30-second pacer. This timer helps you monitor your flossing and ensure that you cover all areas of your mouth. 

This water flosser gives users around 90 seconds of flossing time, more than enough for careful cleaning.
This model has two modes: a hydro-pulse massage mode and a floss mode.

The hydro-pulse massage mode was designed to give users enhanced gum stimulation and improved circulation.

The floss mode, on the other hand, provides maximum plaque removal through Waterpik’s new pulse-modulation technology.

The Waterpik Aquarius Professional model comes with seven tips:

  • First, there are three color-coded Classic Jet Tips for general use.
  • It has a Toothbrush Tip if you want to brush manually while you floss.
  • The Waterpik Plaque Seeker Tip removes plaque from dental work like implants, crowns, and bridges.
  • The Waterpik Orthodontic Tip is great for cleaning around braces and other orthodontic appliances.
  • Lastly, the Pik Pocket Tip is useful for dealing with periodontal pockets. These tips can rotate 360 degrees, giving you fast and thorough cleaning.

this is a customer review image of the best water pic for america households

This model is small enough to fit in the tiniest bathrooms without using up too much counter space. Its compact design lends to its really lightweight. While we usually associate greater weight with greater quality, Waterpik managed to shave off weight from this product without affecting quality.

Unfortunately, the Waterpik Aquarius Professional is noisier than its size might suggest.

Keep this in mind in case your bathroom is inside or near the bedroom, as nighttime flossing might be annoying to light sleepers.

Aquarius Professional WP-660 Waterpik Flosser introduction video

See our full review of the Aquarius waterpik here.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • A bit pricey

  • On/off button can be hard to push

  • North American voltage only

2. Best Cordless: Waterpik Cordless

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser is Waterpik’s newest cordless water flosser.

It has three pressure settings and gives you around 45 seconds of water capacity.

This water flosser’s pressure is electronically controlled. You can choose from low, medium, and high settings to give you the flossing power you need.

Unlike Waterpik’s countertop models, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced was designed to be extra quiet. It has a rechargeable battery that is topped up through a four-hour rapid magnetic charging system.

This model has a long battery life and you’ll only need to charge it once a week. An LED indicator will let you know when it has to be recharged. Note that you have to unplug the flosser after it’s done charging, or you will end up killing the battery.

This model comes with four different flossing tips, namely two Classic Jet Tips, a Plaque Seeker Tip, and an Orthodontic Tip. These tips can be rotated 360 degrees, making all areas of your mouth truly accessible.

As a bonus, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced water flosser is waterproof and can be used in the shower. It’s the perfect cordless option and is even global voltage-compatible.

Note that this product has a rather small water reservoir.

At the highest pressure setting, the reservoir gets emptied out in about 45-50 seconds. If you’re extra thorough about flossing or if you have braces, you may have to refill the reservoir to get the level of cleaning that you want. But for most users, one fill is enough.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Three different pressure intensities

  • Comes with four multi-functional flossing tips

  • Long battery life

  • Fast inductive charging

  • Global voltage-compatible

  • Water-resistant enough for use in the shower

3. Best For Kids: Waterpik (WP-260)

The Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids is the best way to get kids into the habit of flossing. It’s designed for kids aged six and up and is easy to use, safe, and effective.

This flosser makes oral hygiene fun for kids while also ensuring that their teeth are thoroughly cleaned.

This model was made specifically for children so extra safety precautions have been taken. It’s very light in weight and has a child-proof electrical design.

The water reservoir can be flipped over to keep out dust and debris when the flosser isn’t in use. Changing the pressure is easy since pressure control is accessible via the handle.

This flosser comes with 20 cling decals to make it more attractive to young children. They can really personalize the flosser and it won’t look like a boring device they won’t want to use. This model also comes with two tips: one Classic Jet Tip and one Orthodontic Tip which makes it one of the best water flossers for braces.

The Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids is even better than some of the “adult” Waterpik models in one aspect: global voltage. Adult customers have gotten good results with this flosser even if it’s for kids. If shipping costs are expensive where you live, you might be able to save a few bucks by ordering this model.

Its global voltage and great functionality will deliver results for all customers everywhere.

We wish that the on/off button could’ve been on the handle instead of the device itself. That way, there’s less risk of kids spraying water all over the place as they try to turn the device off. In any case, as long as you guide your kids on the proper use of this product, they’ll pick it up in no time. Also note that the flosser can be quite noisy, so young children might find it scary at first.

But with just a couple of uses, they’ll see that this flosser can bring a little fun to their daily bathroom routine.

How to use Water flosser for kids video

The only significant drawback is an On/Off button being on the device itself and not on the wand/handle as I have stated above. This makes it easy for kids to spray water all over the place while they try to turn the device Off. Waterpik should have really thought about this, as it has spoiled an almost perfect invention. Not forgetting the noisy sound it makes, it might scare off younger children at first.

This Waterpik for kids made more than 500 parents around the web (and their kids) happy, there’s no reason it won’t do the same for you and your kids!

Read the Waterpik for kids full review. Not enough tips for this kids oral irrigator? Then check out more than 11 Waterpik replacement tips here.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Global voltage-compatible

  • Comes with kid-friendly decals

  • Smaller than “adult” flossers

  • Child-proof electrical design

  • Can be used by adults

4. Best Value: Waterpik (WP-100) And (WP-300)

This is a combo pack including two Waterpiks: the Waterpik Ultra and Waterpik Traveller.

You can buy each of these flossers separately so we’ll look at them individually here.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser (WP-100)

The Waterpik Ultra is a countertop model. It has 10 different water pressure settings, a pause button conveniently located on the handle, and a high-volume water reservoir that you can cover to keep dust and dirt away. One fill of the reservoir will give you around 90 seconds of flossing time.

This water flosser comes with six color-coded flossing tips: two Classic Jet Tips, a Toothbrush Tip, a Plaque Seeker Tip, an Orthodontic Tip, and a Pik Pocket Tip. You can store all these tips in the flosser’s in-lid tip storage compartment. These tips also rotate 360 degrees, giving you thorough cleaning every single time. 

You can find all additional flossing tips in this article. 

The Waterpik Ultra is the predecessor of the Waterpik Aquarius Professional that we reviewed above. It might not have all the bells and whistles that its successor has, but it’s still a great flosser that gets the job done.

It’s bigger than the Waterpik Aquarius Professional and the Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids, but not so big that it’ll eat up all your counter space. We wish that the Waterpik Ultra’s handle had a longer hose for greater user convenience.

That aside, it’s an effective and durable flosser that’ll be a great addition to your oral care arsenal and is a very solid contender to the best water flossers of 2019.

Waterpik Traveller Water Flosser (WP-300)

The Waterpik Traveller Water Flosser is also a countertop model but is compact enough to be brought along on trips. It’s also a great option for those with small bathrooms or limited counter space. Because it’s a smaller model than the Waterpik Ultra, it has only three pressure settings. Despite its smaller size, it still has substantial reservoir capacity, giving you around 60 seconds of flossing time.

The reservoir can be inverted for easier storage if you’re travelling.

It comes with four flossing tips, namely two Classic Jet Tips, an Orthodontic Tip, and a Plaque Seeker Tip. This model has global voltage compatibility and comes with a convenient travel case, making it a great companion for travellers.

Notes On This 2-in-1 Pack

This combo pack gives you two top-notch products for an extremely good price. This combination is perfect for large families or those with multiple bathrooms in the house. You can take the Traveller with you and leave the Ultra at home for everyone else to use.

This 2-in-1 pack also comes with 12 different flossing tips, which is two tips more than if you bought the flossers separately.

Users have reported that the Waterpik Traveller that comes with the pack is unfortunately only North American voltage-compatible. If you want to be sure that your Traveller model has global voltage, we recommend buying the Traveller on its own instead.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Two Waterpik models at a steal price

  • Convenient for large households or frequent travellers

  • Comes with a travel case and storage space for tips

  • Comes with 12 tips—two more than if the flossers were bought separately

5. Best Portable: Mospro Pro Oral Irrigator

The Mospro Professional Oral Irrigator is a cordless, rechargeable water flosser. It has three modes to meet different dental needs, namely the Normal, Gentle, and Pulse modes. It also comes with detachable, 360-degree rotatable nozzles that ensure deep and thorough cleaning of all areas of the mouth.

The package comes with four color-coded flossing nozzles, and the nozzles allow up to four different users to use this product.

It boasts a completely removable water tank that allows users to regularly clean the inside, this is great for ensuring that grime and bacteria don’t build up. The Mospro is also waterproof and specifically designed to prevent water leakage, so you can safely use this flosser in the shower which is always a nice bonus.

The Mospro Professional Oral Irrigator has great battery life, giving users 7-10 days of use on one full charge. It charges via USB, making charging easy and convenient anywhere.

This is a very compact and lightweight model, making it perfect for travel and even for daily carry. However, its portability also means that it doesn’t have the biggest water reservoir capacity. You will most likely have to refill the tank in order to finish flossing completely. Removing the tank can also be a bit tricky. You will have to be careful not to accidentally press the power button, or else you might end up spilling water all over the sink.

However, we still think that this is the top water flosser in terms of portability. With just a little practice, you’ll be using this flosser like a pro.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Removable water tank is easy to clean and great for hygiene

  • 360-degree rotating nozzles

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Easy charging via USB

6. H2ofloss 800ml Water Dental Flosser

If you belong to a large household or see yourself regularly sharing your dental devices, the H2ofloss Water Flosser is the product for you.

It is a countertop model with an 800ml water reservoir, which is the largest tank capacity of all the flossers in this list.

The water reservoir also has a cover that keeps out dust and debris.

The H2ofloss comes with 12 flossing tips, the most among all the products we’ve reviewed.

These tips can rotate 360 degrees for maximum cleaning ability. The tips included are four Jet Tips, two Periodontal Tips, two Orthodontic Tips, two Tongue Cleaning Tips, one Cleaning Irrigation Tip, and one Moisturizing Mist Spray Tip. The Cleaning Irrigation Tip can be used for nasal irrigation, making this product useful even outside of daily flossing.

There is built-in storage space for all these tips and an optional plastic divider with slots for better organization. Only seven tips can be stored if you use the plastic divider, but all 12 will fit without it.

This water flosser has five pressure settings that you can change using the pressure control switch on the handle. This switch is convenient, but it also makes it easier for users to accidentally slide over to the next setting. Unique to this product is its pulsating water pressure. Pulsation dislodges plaque and debris differently from single-stream pressure and may be a more effective method for some users.

The H2ofloss large reservoir makes it a big and bulky product. This is definitely not a travel option and is best kept at home. Even if H2ofloss is a relatively new brand, we’re glad to report that they have good customer service. Support staff was easy to talk to and the company is quick to send replacement parts and units.

All in all, this flosser might be on the cheaper side but it still is remarkably well-made and durable.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Bulky and takes up a lot of countertop space

  • Only five pressure settings

7. QQCute Portable


The QQCute Portable Oral Irrigator is another cordless model and makes for a great travel water flosser. It has three water pressure options, namely Normal mode, Soft mode, and Pulse mode.

This product has a mode memory function, which means that it automatically remembers the last mode that you used. This is a convenient feature that saves you the trouble of setting the mode every time you floss.

QQCute Portable comes with a 360-degree rotating nozzle that effectively cleans all areas of your mouth. It has a 200ml-capacity water reservoir that gives you around 50 seconds of flossing. This flosser can give your teeth a thorough cleaning in no time, which is ideal when you’re travelling or often on the go.

The QQCute Portable Oral Irrigator has great battery life, lasting up to two weeks on a full charge. It charges via USB, which is a great feature considering that you’re likely to have other USB-powered devices when you travel.

You can charge this device using a car charger, a power bank, and just about any USB-compatible device imaginable. It has universal voltage and can be used with any standard adapter. These features make it the perfect travel companion.

This product is waterproof to avoid leakages and enhance user safety. You can directly rinse it under running water, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Its water reservoir has a fully-removable tank, allowing you to clean any bacteria that might have accumulated in the flosser.

Because of this flosser’s small size, some users find that the buttons are a bit too close together and unintentionally press the wrong one. This is just an inherent limitation of cordless or portable water flossers since they have more design restrictions than larger countertop models, but a little practice is all it takes to get the most out of it.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Comes with only two nozzles

  • Could use button layout improvement

FAQ Water Flossers

You might be thinking, “Do I really need another device in the bathroom just for cleaning my teeth?” The answer is yes! Teeth are so often overlooked when people think about their health. They’re so small but so terribly painful and nagging when something’s wrong with them. A water flosser can help prevent all of that.

Gentle On The Gums

One reason why people are put off by string floss, or by flossing in general, is gum sensitivity. No one enjoys the sensation of string scraping and dragging across their gums. String floss can be quite painful to use. If your hand slips or you’re too vigorous with the flossing motion, you could end up with bloody gums.

With a water flosser, you never have to worry about that again.

Nothing goes between your teeth but water. If you were hesitant to really get in those tight spaces with string floss, there’s nothing holding you back now. The force of the water will even massage your gums, improving their overall condition and health.

Great For Cleaning Around Braces

Dealing with braces on the daily is hard work. It’s difficult to eat, food gets stuck everywhere, and it can be really agonizing when they have to get tightened. Having braces is all the more reason to floss. But with those pesky metal bits getting in the way, it can be really hard to maneuver string floss around or get any kind of flossing done.

With water, you can reach between your teeth and get around the brackets and wires with no issue. The water will ensure that your brackets stay shiny and clean without any food bits stuck in them.

A water flosser is great not just for braces, but for all kinds of orthodontic appliances as well!

Prevents Gingivitis And Gum Disease

Gingivitis is that gum disease that all the advertisements warned you about. But what is gingivitis, exactly? It’s a mild form of gum disease that causes irritation of the gums.

It has to be addressed as early as possible because it can progress to more severe gum issues like periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a serious gum disease that causes damage to soft tissue and even destroys the bone. At its worst, periodontitis can cause tooth loss.

Luckily, gum disease is preventable and reversible. It’s never too late to get into the habit of good oral hygiene to protect yourself.

A minute of water flossing a day can save you a ton of time and money later on.

Improves Overall Oral Hygiene

One of the biggest challenges with string floss is reaching your molars. Your mouth can only open so wide, after all, and as a result, you often can’t clean every area of your mouth. Your oral hygiene might be lagging behind in some areas without you realizing it.

Now, you can reach all your teeth using a water flosser. You’ll be able to reach your molars without excessive effort or having to open your mouth extra wide. You’ll have evenly clean gums and teeth—and no excuse not to floss!

Quick And Easy To Use

A oral irrigator is much easier to use than string floss. This is great for those with dexterity issues or limited mobility in their hands or limbs. Good oral hygiene should be accessible to everyone, and these devices make that possible.

nobody has time for traditional flossing. the best way to floss is to use water flossers on your gums

With a water flosser, the water will do the work for you instead of your hands.

In just one minute, you can cover your entire mouth. It’s definitely faster than trying to get string floss through all the tight spaces between your teeth.

It’s also a great idea for getting young children into the habit of flossing. Since using a water flosser is easy and safe to use, young children can be taught how to use this device.

They’ll eventually be able to use it on their own without supervision. There’s also less risk of a young child injuring their gums compared to string floss.

Start Flossing Today!

We hope that this guide has convinced you to give water flossing a try. It’s easy to make flossing a daily habit as long as you have the right tools to make it easy, quick, painless, and convenient.

With these water flosser reviews, we hope that we can help you choose the right device for you. 

Your perfect smile awaits and all it takes is one minute of water flossing a day. Start water flossing today and start changing your life!