Conair Interplak All-In-One Sonic Water Jet Review

Taking care of your teeth can sometimes be a drag (unless you own a waterflosser). First you have to brush and then it's the messy business called flossing. After all is said and done your gums can sometimes feel a bit tender.

But what if you knew there was an all-in-one product that does brushing, water flossing and massaging? Really, what more could one ask for when it comes to oral hygiene and healthy gums?

Well that's exactly what Interplak claims its All-In-One Sonic Water Jet System does. Read our Conair Interplak review to see if it stands up to the claim.

What Is So Special About The Conair Interplak All-In-One Sonic Water Jet?

Interplak by Conair All-in-One Sonic Water Jet System

Its sonic technology, which requires an AAA battery inside the handle, is a first as it enhances brushing, water flossing and massaging of the gums so you can get healthy gums

The handy machine combines water pulsation (4,500 water pulsations) and sonic brushing (12,000 sonic movements) so it's easier to get to that food particles and debris at the back of the mouth, making it more powerful than other water flossers.

different types of gums

If you have sensitive gums, it will feel like heaven due to the stimulation and massaging while it works wonders for those with braces, wires, veneers, dental implants and crowns.

Much like several other Water Flossers on the market, it has water pressure control setting, a pause button on the handle while the power button is on the base.

It also has sonic on-off button on the handle that controls the vibrations and you can use the sonic feature with or without water.

The removable tank is a lot larger than some of its competitors so you don't have to worry about running water midway through your morning or evening clean as you have roughly three cups of water to play with.

Another feature that's quite handy is the storage drawer at the bottom of the unit in which you can put all your tips. Plus the unit doesn’t take up too much space on the bathroom sink.

The Not So Good Features

The water pressure control setting only goes up to seven so it's not as powerful as the Water Pik and quite a few of its competitors out there. Sometimes you struggle to get the tip properly attached and it often pops out while you are busy using it. In fact, most attachments are very difficult to remove/put back on.

It’s very fragile. While the design is okay, it's not the firmest and feels cheap and lightweight so any fall to the ground is likely to result in a crack. And if you are not careful, if you push the buttons a little too firmly they might get stuck, or even worse, break.

Also, with technology advancing you’d expect it to be a little quieter as the noise levels of several other oral irrigators have gone done a notch over the past few years.

It comes standard with only one water jet tip and you often need two hands to come to grips with the switching on/off button when brushing/flossing your teeth, which makes things a bit awkward. You often inadvertently hit the on-off button.

The reservoir might be big enough to hold three cups of water, but it fits very loosely onto the base and inevitably falls off.

What's In The Box, What's In The Box

Besides the Interplak base and handle, you get one water jet tip with five attachments, a subgingival tip, two full-size brush heads (exclusive), a soft finger massager (exclusive), a tongue cleaner and a AAA battery.

To Sum It All Up

Having an all-one-feature of brushing, water flossing and massaging right in the comfort of your own home is always great for those who are really too lazy to take good care of their teeth.

The massaging/vibrate feature, especially, is a market changer and big winner, but the sonic toothbrush is not as powerful as one would have hoped and you sometimes feel you'd be better off using a good, old-fashioned manual toothbrush.

Decent product for the price as it is much cheaper than similar machines on the market and it ultimately does get rid of a lot more debris than normal brushing/flossing, but if you are one of those who prefers to have the water pressure pretty powerful then its best if you stay clear.

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