water-flosser-guideThe ViaJet Pro Irrigator by Oratec is a water flosser designed to meet the needs of anyone using it. Its variable water pressure, 4 color coded tips, ample reservoir and comfortable design make it very easy to use.

The water pressure can be adjusted to release up to 1200 pulses per minute, which is both necessary and helpful in clearing food particles and other debris from hard to reach places.

More effective than simply brushing and flossing, the Via Jet oral irrigator not only allows you to clean hard to reach places, it increases blood circulation with the massaging action of the water.

Oratect Viajet Pro Irrigator Features

  • It also helps prevent and treat gum conditions like gingivitis. The Via Jet oral irrigator has a reservoir that can hold up to 500 ml of water. The tank is easy to fill and the water levels are visible through the clear exterior of the reservoir. In addition to the 4-color coded tips, there is an additional slim tip used to reach the deepest crevices and pockets.
  • This tooth irrigator has many benefits and can easily upgrade your simple brushing and flossing routine. Its light weight portable design make this ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator easy to move from
  • The handy water pressure control switch is a unique feature allowing you to easily turn the ViaJet on and off. Also, the ViaJet Pro Irrigator’s strong, durable motor is built to last.Another noteworthy benefit is the reservoir place to place and to travel with.of this tooth irrigator.
  • It can hold enough water to use without having to refill the reservoir during the entire time you are using your Oratec ViaJet Pro irrigator. That is something most oral irrigation devices fail to archive. The water pressure control allows you to adjust the water flow to suit even the most sensitive of gums. The results that the ViaJet Pro irrigator produces are said to be comparable to professional oral irrigation devices used by dentist.
  • This water flosser delivers benefits that help fight tartar and other dental issues.The variable rate of the pulse action can be used to effectively dislodge food particles that can create bacteria if left behind. Blood flow to the gums is another benefit reaped from the pulsating massage motion of the ViaJet. The ViaJet Pro Irrigator is 50% more effective when done daily, than brushing and flossing. It is favored among dentists because it utilizes the same water pump OraTec uses in professional grade models, but the cost of the appliance is not increased.

People that wear braces can effectively release hard to reach food particles with the use of the Via Jet oral irrigator. The color coded tips allow family members to distinguish between the different tips. There are 2 standard and 2 rubber tips. Another handy feature is the wall mounting option for the ViaJet.

This efficient unit can be compactly mounted to the wall and the cord can be pushed back into its own internal storage space within the ViaJet. Convenience and ease of use are powerful benefits of the Oratec ViaJet Pro irrigator. Any mouth wash/irrigation solution is acceptable for use in the unit. The reservoir has measure lines allowing you to control how much of each solution you use if you are mixing solutions.

  • The ViaJet receives a 4.4 rating out of 5 for our editor rating. There were Very few noteworthy drawbacks. The benefits outweigh the shortcomings. Noisiness and availability were really the only two substantial drawbacks noted. The ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator is only sold online making its availability a little limited. Dental hygiene is an extremely important part of our overall health. The day to day care of our teeth is crucial. Brushing and flossing alone leaves a lot to be desired in terms of truly keeping our teeth and gums healthy and clean.
  • good water flosser is an essential part of caring for our teeth. An effective water flosser loosens and clears food particles and debris which become tartar if not eliminated. The likelihood of diseases like gingivitis and peritonitis are greatly reduced with the use of the ViaJet.
  • Improved blood circulation is also a by-product of the ViaJet. Hard to reach spots are left virtually untouched with simple brushing and flossing.The Via Jet Pro does all the necessary additional steps needed to truly get your teeth clean and keep them healthy. Functional, efficient, easy to use and effective are just a few words used to describe the ViaJet Pro irrigator. This water flosser comes highly recommended by both dentists and consumers.