Oratec Viajet Pro Irrigator Review

Everyone knows that dental hygiene is an extremely important part of our overall health.

That’s why this Oratek Viajet Pro Irrigator Review will highlight why this device is a standout in the field of oral irrigation systems.

good water flosser is an essential part of caring for our teeth. By using an effective one such as the ViaJet Pro, you can ensure food particles and debris which become tartar are removed from your mouth.

Simply put, it is more effective than simply brushing and flossing alone. Keep reading now to find out why.

  • Pros
  • ​cons
  • Slightly noisy.
  • Can only buy online.

Oratec Viajet Pro Irrigator Features

The Oratec ViaJet Pro has a long list of features that make this device comparable to professional oral irrigation devices used by dentists. It actually uses the same water pump Oratec uses in their high end models, however the cost has not increased.

When you add an oral irrigation device such as this to your oral health care you are preventing serious conditions like gum disease and gingivitis from occuring. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the great features this device offers.

Water Reservoir

The Via Jet oral irrigator has a reservoir that can hold up to 500ml of water. The tank is easy to fill and the water levels are visible through the clear exterior of the reservoir.

It can hold enough water to use without having to refill the reservoir during the entire time you are using your Oratec ViaJet Pro Irrigator. That is something most oral irrigation devices fail to archive. 

Mouthwash Solution

Any mouthwash or irrigation solution is acceptable for use in the unit too. The reservoir has measure lines which are very handy for controlling how much of each solution you use if you are mixing solutions.


In addition to the 4-color coded tips, there is an additional slim tip used to reach the deepest crevices and pockets. The color coded tips allow family members to distinguish between the different tips. There are 2 standard and 2 rubber tips. 

Pressure Control

The handy water pressure control switch is a unique feature allowing you to easily turn the ViaJet on and off.

The water pressure control (up to 1200 pulses) allows you to adjust the water flow to suit even the most sensitive of gums. The variable rate of the pulse action can be used to effectively dislodge food particles that can create bacteria if left behind.

Massages Gums

Blood flow to the gums is another benefit reaped from the pulsating massage motion of the ViaJet. The massaging action of the water helps increase blood circulation to the gums.

Effectively Cleans Dental Implants

People that wear braces or have other dental implants such as crowns or bridges can effectively release hard to reach food particles with the use of the ViaJet Oral Irrigator.

Wall Mountable

This efficient unit can be compactly mounted to the wall and the cord can be pushed back into its own internal storage space within the ViaJet. Convenience and ease of use are powerful benefits of the Oratec ViaJet Pro irrigator.

Minor Drawbacks Of The ViaJet Pro

There were only two minor drawbacks of the Oratec Viajet Pro Irrigator that we came across. Which were the slight noisiness of the device. Meaning if you have a sleeping partner in the next room this will likely wake them up.

Secondly, this device is only available to buy online, which really isn’t a drawback but something to note if you do want to buy the product.

Oratec ViaJet Pro Irrigator Review Wrap Up

Remember the day to day care of your teeth is crucial. Brushing and flossing alone leaves a lot to be desired in terms of truly keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean. By stepping up your oral hygiene routine to add a dental irrigation system to it, will ensure just this.

Functional, efficient, easy to use and effective are just a few words used to describe the Oratec ViaJet Pro Irrigator. which comes highly recommended by both dentists and consumers.