Profloss 4190 Waterflosser Review

If you haven’t used a water flosser before because of its price tag, then this Profloss 4190 Waterflosser Review is sure to change your mind.

This is your chance to get yourself an effective oral irrigator at a fraction of the price!

Oral irrigators may be 80x better than normal tooth brushing, but some can be pretty complicated to use. So complicated that you find find yourself going back to the old traditional toothbrush.

That’s certainly not recommended by us though.

If your current water flosser is giving you a headache, then try the Profloss 4190 Waterflosser instead. Ready why below.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • May not fit older faucets
  • Could do with stronger pressure
  • No pulsation effect
  • Adapter is made of plastic (can break easily)

Profloss 4190 Waterflosser Features

The Profloss really is a great little oral irrigator. Affordable, travel friendly and so easy to use, it should definitely be on your short list of water flossers. Here are some more great features to consider:

Easy Faucet Connection

Just like the Redibreeze and Quickbreeze we reviewed recently, the Profloss Waterflosser also connects to your existing faucet. Installation is very easy and in just five minutes you could be done and ready for your first teeth cleaning with the Profloss 4190.

Travel/Storage Bag Included

After every use, you just need to press a button to “un-snap” the water flosser from its connector and tuck it away in its pouch. Then “snap” it in again as soon as you need to use it. You’ll still be able to use your faucet as you normally would, which makes this device very convenient.

We feel the Profloss waterflosser is a much better option compared to the famous flossers from Waterpik. First of all, it is small so it won’t clutter any counter space. As we said, it’s got a carry bag you can easily put it in when you need to.

No Batteries Or Power Needed

Again, it neither use batteries nor needs electricity to function. That means, no motor and no motor means no noise!

No Water Reservior To Refil

The water comes straight from the faucet, hence there will be no reservoir to fill up. Another great thing is the fact that you set the water temperature and pressure on the faucet itself by adjusting the handle.

Adjustable Pressure Settings

The Profloss dental water jet has a 4 speed button to adjust pressure so that you will not need to reach out for the faucet handle every time you need to adjust pressure.

It may not have the power that is packed with electric operated water flossers. But for flushing out debris from braces, gum pockets and bridgework, the Profloss waterflosser works so good you’ll feel like you just returned from a dentist appointment after each use.

Two Tips Included

Another advantage is that the Profloss 4190 waterflosser comes with two tips which are a pink and a blue one, so two people can share. Speaking about the tips, they are rotatable up to a 360 degrees angle, so you will be able to clean every part of your mouth without having to turn your head.

Faucet Compatibility

If you’re wondering if the Profloss will work with your faucet, chances are, yes! The manufacturer states that it works with 99% of all the faucets around the world. The aerator has inside and outside threads, so it fits most faucets with 15/16″ female faucet threads or 55/64″ male faucet threads.

Profloss 4190 Waterflosser Con

The only problem most people are raising with the Profloss waterflosser is the aerator being made of plastic. So over time it may break down and eventually become unusable. The manufacturer does stand-by their warranty promise and consumers have reported that the company sent them a replacement part at no cost to them.

Profloss 4190 Waterflosser Review Wrap Up

Overall, we highly recommend the Profloss 4190 Waterflosser to each and every person who is in need of an afforadable and no fuss waterpik. It certainly has some high end big brothers to complete with, however if you are a first time user, this oral irrigator is sure to impress.