Can you share a water flosser? Expert tips for a flossing family

Can you share a water flosser, expert tips for a flossing family

Did you recently get a water flosser? That's terrific!

You are definitely on the right track for optimum oral hygiene. We’re sure there are a number of questions on your mind right now, like how to use it and how to clean it.

But there is one very important question that you might have overlooked and that is “Can you share a water flosser?”

water flossers are great, can I share it with my family?

If you have used a water flosser before then you'll know just how awesome and incredibly efficient it really is. It stands to reason that you would probably want your family to have the same amount of oral hygiene as yourself.

But considering the substantial amount of money that you have probably paid for your personal water flosser, you maybe considering sharing yours around.

Before you go ahead with this, make sure you read this article so you can make the best decision on whether or not you can or should share you water flosser.​

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GeT To know the important parts of a water flosser device

To answer this question, you should probably know first what a water flosser is made of. It is an advanced device that has many parts that could be assembled and disassembled.

The main parts are the housing unit, the water reservoir, the handle and the tip where the water jet is emitted.

Most devices on the market nowadays come with many spare parts and replaceable items, but none more important than the working tips.

Other parts of the device that don’t actually go in your mouth are okay to share, as long as they are cleaned and maintained with efficiency.

water flosser tip: the most important part

The tip however is a different matter, you SHOULD NOT under any circumstances SHARE your flosser tip with anyone. So basically, treat your tip as you would your tooth brush. Your own!

So if you are buying a water flosser and planning on using it for your entire household, make sure you have enough tips for all your family members before leaving the store.

If you are still wondering “Why all the fuss.. What’s the worst that could happen even if I decide to share the flosser tip?”

why you shouldn't share you water flosser tip with your family

The answer to this question needs to come directly from a dentist, so here are the words directly from the mouth of Dr. Mohamed Tarek Galal. 

He is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The risks of bacteria and fungi

  • The mouth is a contaminated environment, and has more than 500 strains of bacteria and fungi living in them. Even the cleanest mouths have these organisms, and they all live in an environment so delicate that they literally counteract each other. Which is why we don’t get an infection every time we open our mouths.
  • When you share a flosser tip ( or a tooth brush for that matter) you are introducing bacteria and fungi from someone else’s mouth in your own. Disturbing that delicate balance so that one strain of bacteria or fungi overcomes the other is when mouth diseases start to develop.
  • The mucus membrane lining the mouth including the inside of the lips, the cheeks and the gums are very permeable, and highly rich in blood supply (unlike skin). If you encounter a disease causing bacteria or virus via the skin, there is a chance that the skin would prevent that illness from entering the body. But if that illness comes through the mouth, there is virtually no stopping it from entering the blood stream.
  • If you are a person that already suffers from bleeding gums or gum disease, the answer to can you share a water flosser tip, is most certainly no! You will just be asking for trouble and putting other people at risk.

​family can also be a risk

  • The Saliva is the most loaded part of your bodily fluids with bacteria and viruses, especially if you have a disease or illness or if you are in recovery. If your infected saliva comes in contact with the mouth of a person that you share your flosser tip with, they are at an incredibly high risk.
  • You cannot be entirely sure that the person you are sharing the tip with is completely healthy. Yes they are probably your household members that you see every day, but not all diseases have visible signs and symptoms.
  • Diseases as dangerous such as Hepatitis and even HIV present with no symptoms. If any of these viruses come in contact with you through the mouth, then an infection is all but guaranteed.
  • In addition, some disease that are highly common in the mouth region are dormant. About 90% of the world’s population has suffered from herpes during their lifetime, most probably during childhood.
  • This virus doesn’t leave your body after the illness subsides, but remains dormant and lies in wait for an opportunity where you’re immune system is compromised. Such as when you have the flu, and it again strikes to infect you.
  • A member of your household that you are sharing the flosser tip with could have encountered that illness long ago and forgot, and if you put their infected tip in your mouth, be sure you are at high risk of catching herpes as it is very contagious.

So Can you share a water flosser with your family?

You've made quite an understandable investment in your oral hygiene, so it's no wonder you'd want to share your water flosser to save some money.

But now that you have read all the risk factors above, is that really the best thing to do?

At the very least, get your family their own water floss tips, you can buy these in several different colors just like a tooth brush.

This will makes i much easier and safer to ensure you are using your own personal water flosser tip each time you brush.

​in conclusion

In conclusion, If you are thinking “Can you share a water flosser”, our professional answer is that: If you could afford it and have sufficient space, consider buying a separate device for each family member.

 But if not, DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT share the tips that actually go inside the mouth.

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