Are you looking for Toilettree oral irrigator reviews? Lucky you because today we are reviewing a Toilettree oral irrigator that is not just portable, but you can travel with it anywhere in the world.

The 2nd generation – professional rechargeable oral irrigator is the one. With 4 out 5 star ratings from over 2000 reviews from Amazon, it will not fail you.

Off course, it’s not all about size, portability and the fact that it’s so small it will not clutter your countertop.

If you suffer from heavy plaque and gingivitis, deep pockets, have braces, implants and bridge work then the professional oral irrigator will improve your oral health greatly. If you’re under a dentist’s watch, then he will be amazed by the results.

1. Zerhunt Professional Cordless

This oral irrigator works wonders! My dentist and hygienist had told me …

I wish I would have gotten this sooner ! Easy to use – I like the 3 speed options.

Amazon Customer Reviews Over 2000+ Reviews!

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  • A bit flimsy

Toilet tree water flosser video review

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Full  Review

[box type=”info”] Updated Version comes with many upgrades and updates!

Upgrades include but not limited to:

  • Three Setting Pressure modes: Normal, Soft, and Pulse.
  • Two color coded tips included
  • Lithium Ion BatteriesEasy to fill water tank
  • Motor Makes minimum noise
  • A Tip release button
  • And a lot more![/box]

One of the best thing about this 2nd generation oral irrigator is that it supports universal voltage (100 to 240V~50/60Hz). That means you can take it out of the USA to the UK, deep down Asia to the jungle of Africa and it will still work for you. This Toilettree oral irrigator is cordless, so you just tuck it in a wall socket using the included adapter (no batteries to take out) and the charge usually last up to a week when used at least twice a day. Charging this rechargeable oral irrigator is more like charging a cell phone, just to give you an idea.

The water reservoir is extremely easy to fill up and can be filled up to 6 ounces (177 millilitres) of water, big enough not to have you filling up over and over in the middle of your flossing. Also small enough to be compact and not too bulky and heavy on your hand. The water inside the reservoir can be mixed with a mouth wash of your choice. The 2nd generation oral irrigator has three variable operating pressure modes. At low (normal mode) your children may also enjoy using it, adults may feel “pulse” to be an adequate setting for them. This Toilettree oral irrigator is water proof, so it may be used inside a shower to avoid messing all over the bathroom. But in some cases, you may need to blow out the charge port in case it caught water.

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The 2nd generation water flosser from Toilettree does have a few draw backs, but they are certainly not related to the functioning of this gadget and does not affect its efficacy. Even though this Toilet tree water flosser feels sturdy and not easy to break, it would have been better if they had included a carrying case for both the device and the nozzles. Since it’s portable, you’ll want to travel with it, and just tucking it inside the bag without any sort of case is not ideal.

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