Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik Shower Flosser

If you’ve stumbled upon our Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik Shower Flosser review, than chances are you’re interested in the benefits of flossing in the shower.

Or you actually forget to floss or run out of time in the morning to do it.

So what better way to kill two birds with one stone, than by using a shower flosser instead of a countertop model?

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Easy to install
  • Unlimited water source
  • Allows shower only use
  • Rechargeable with a good battery life
  • Hygienic plastic cap for the tip
  • No clutter or noise
  • Dual speed
  • No mess
  • Does not affect shower-head pressure

The Waterpik WP-480W Shower Flosser will grant you all the privileges of a water flosser right under your shower head while you are busy showering.

Just like traditional oral irrigators, the showerpik water flosser combines water pressure and pulsation to massage and stimulate your gums. As well as eliminate plaque and bacteria buried between the teeth and below the gumline.

That’s something you can never achieve from normal brushing! Like all Waterpik flossers, it has been clinically proven to reduce plaque, gingivitis and gum disease.

Here’s why:

Advantages Of The Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik

Being one of the best waterpicks for showers, there are quite a lot of advantages to this oral irrigation device. Let us explain below.

Easy Installation

The Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik is very easy to install. Most DIY-ers won’t need to hire a plumber and most consumers have stated they were able to achieve this in less than 15 minutes.

It comes with a Chrome 2-Way Shower Diverter which you can easily assemble into your existing shower head. It works with both Fixed Mount Or Hand-Held. The only extra tool you will need is an adjustable wrench, everything else in included.

We recommend watching the installation video at the bottom of this article.

Unlimited Water Source

Unlike traditional water flossers which you will need refill the reservoir regularly, the showerpik’s water source is your showers water. So as long as your shower is on, you will never run out of water.

Shower Only Use

Because of the 2-Way Shower Diverter, you have the ability to use your shower only and not the shower flosser.

Rechargeable With A Good Battery Life

Fortunately you won’t be running back and forth to a store every other week to buy batteries. This shower flosser is rechargeable. The battery lasts approximately 4 to 7 days after each full charge (depending on how often you floss).

shower floss review image

Hygienic Plastic Cap For The Tip

A cap which prevents the tip from coming into contact with soaps or any other non-hygienic material is included in the pack.

Dual Speed

You can easily set pressure speed between low and high. It is recommended you use the low setting for the first time, then gradually increase to high over time.

Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik - Easy Pressure Control

No Clutter, No Noise And No Mess

One of the issues owners of normal water flossers come across is noise, clutter and mess. Because this flosser is installed in your shower, you’ll now have all the space you need on your counter top.

The fact that you’re in a shower eliminates the possibilities of noise. The water spilt which seems to be unavoidable with traditional flossers, will not be a problem with a shower water flosser!

Disadvantages Of The Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik

No product is perfect, so let’s see the cons that come with this shower flosser.

Plastic Connector Piece

The biggest and probably the only real con of this product is the connector-piece (2 way diverter) which is plastic. This is a bit of a surprise considering this is a high end device.

A lot of people are concerned about the ‘plastic’s’ durability and life span. As well as the overall look of it in their shower. Some people feel it looks tacky.

Only Two Tips Included

We believe every water flosser should at the least come with 4 tips. If you have a large family, you will be forced to purchase additional tips (available on Amazon) for each member

One more issue is that there is no bracket to hang the second tip when not in use. So if it is left in the shower, it will likely accumulate germs, soap and fall to the shower floor often.

Battery Status Indicator

This showerpik also does not have a battery status indicator. So there’s no way to tell if the battery is about to die until, well … it dies!

As you can see, the showerfloss does not have lot of negatives, no wonder it received 4 stars out of 5 rating on Amazon. These are small complaints considering all the positive solutions it offers!

Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik Installation Video

What’s Included In The Package

Accessories included with this shower floss:

  • 2 Waterpick classic high-pressure jet tips
  • Battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • 1 hygienic tip cover
  • 2 way diverter

This pack comes with a two-year warranty, an instruction manual, installation instructions and a quick start guide.

Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik Wrap Up

Overall, if you looking for a oral irrigation device to use in the shower to save time, space and water. Then you can’t go wrong with the Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik. Head over to Amazon where you can read the many favorable reviews from people that have found it as effective as we have.