When Should a Child Brush Their Own Teeth

when should a child brush their own teeth

It is pretty hard to make important decisions as a parent. From choosing your baby’s name to choosing a good school, you have to make a lot of decisions. Among other things you have to decide when your child should start brushing their own teeth. But when should a child brush their own teeth? In this post, we will try to answer this question.

There are a lot of benefits of helping your child develop good habits. If you teach your child problem-solving skills, and the art of living independently, your child will gradually develop self-confidence.

Encouraging independence is one of the best things you can do for your child. When it comes to teaching your child how to brush, first you have to know when a child should start brushing their own teeth.

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Challenges for parents

Little ones do not know how to brush properly. According to some studies, when 5-year-olds brush, they cover only ¼ of their teeth surfaces. According to the same studies, 11-year-olds can cover only 50% of the surfaces.

Children are able to brush their teeth as soon as they have a firm grip on their coordination; but they take a long time to learn how to pay attention to details.

So what is your role as a parent? Start teaching the art as soon as your kid is two to three years old. When your child is brushing, teach him to spit. Thus you will make sure that your kid will not swallow the toothpaste.

There is a great chance that your kid will enjoy spitting. So it may not be too challenging for you. But the question is: when should a child brush their own teeth? Soon we will try to find an answer to this question.

Is your child ready?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. The development of your child may take place differently. If you have a young brusher in your house, you may be concerned of two things.

First, tell your child that swallowing toothpaste is not good because there are harmful elements in toothpaste.

Secondly, you have to make sure that your child has attained hand-eye coordination to brush their teeth properly.

How do you know that your child is able to brush properly? Well, you can know that your child has attained hand-eye coordination when your child learns to drink from a cup and wash hands in the bathroom.

Yes, it should start early

When it comes to dental care, you have to take steps even when your baby’s tooth has not appeared yet. Use a piece of soft cloth to wipe away plaque and bacteria.

As soon as your kid begins teething, there will be less risk of infections. So, when should a child brush their own teeth? The answer is: it should start as soon as the teeth appear.

After the appearance of your child’s first tooth, make sure you bring your child to a dentist. If you do it when your child is young, the doctor has more roles to play. With X-rays and dental cleanings, the doctor can make sure that the teeth are strong and healthy.

But this is not the only thing a dentist can do for your child. In between the visits, the dentist will tell you how you can keep your child’s teeth healthy and clean. When you buy the first toothbrush for your child, make sure it is small and soft.

Kids dental care

You should pay attention to your kid’s dental care when his first tooth appears. At first, you may not be able to see the teeth, but they are there under the gums. And when it is the second trimester, you may notice about 20 teeth in the jaw.

To remove bacteria from the gum, you can run a clean cloth in your kid’s gum, even before he or she learns how to brush their own teeth. When the teeth develop, give your kid an infant toothbrush to start with. Do not worry too much if your child swallows a small amount of toothpaste.

When the teeth can be touched, your child can start flossing the teeth. Children learn to spit the toothpaste usually at the age of 2. Before you give him any water, he should be able to spit the toothpaste.

The importance of learning how to brush

Kids often forget to brush their teeth. But, no matter how serious you are about the hygiene of your kids, failing to brush their teeth regularly may lead to a lot of complications. Before your kids sleep, you have to make sure that they have brushed their teeth.

Maybe you are still wondering: when should a child brush their own teeth? The answer is, to some extent, it depends on whether your child has attained proper coordination.

Just like adults, kids develop a lot of dental problems if they have bad eating habits and poor hygiene. Do not let your child sleep when there is a feeding bottle in his mouth. Do not expose your kids to food items that are bad for their dental health. Too much sugary food can discolor their teeth.

Helpful tools

There are some helpful tools that can be used to teach your child to brush the teeth. Plaque disclosing solutions and tablets are available on the market. They can change the color of the plaque on teeth. If there is color-stained plaque on your kid’s teeth, you can rely on plaque disclosing solutions or tablets.

With the help of technology, even kids who have not attained proper coordination. For many children, toothbrushing is like a chore. Your child will enjoy it if you buy him a smart toothbrush. There are even games to help your kids learn how to brush their own teeth.

What about water flossing?

Water flossing is an effective way to clean your teeth properly. Water flossers are becoming popular day by day, because many dentists now recommend them. This device works by spraying a steady stream of water between and around the teeth.

If want to buy a kids water flosser, make sure that it is from a reputable company. When it comes to choosing water flossers for kids, safety is of utmost importance. Like traditional floss, it removes food particles from between teeth.

If you teach your child how to floss, he may not find it very easy. In such a case, a water flosser can be a great option.

How to brush your child’s teeth

First of all, choose a Children’s toothbrush and make sure it is soft.  Smear a very small amount of toothpaste. If your child is small, take him in your lap. If your child is taller, stand behind him.

Make sure that the child’s head is tilted against your body. If it is tilted, you will clearly see the surface of his body. When should a child brush their own teeth? The answer is: when you notice your child is ready.

The bristle of the brush should be angled towards the gum. To clean the surface of the teeth, you have to gently move the brush in circles. And when you reach the inside, you have to rush the brush gently, in circles. And when you reach the chewing circles, brush back and forth. When you covered the surfaces, tell your kid to spit out.

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