White teeth with Makeup

Struggling to get the perfect white teeth you always wanted like the celebrities you see on tv or magazines? Flossing and brushing your teeth with the most expensive whitening toothpaste, don’t show those results you want. Tired of bleaching your teeth white that caused you to have sensitive teeth or you don’t like the peroxide flavour it gives. well, what if I told you there’s another effective way of making your teeth white, yep, believe or not, you can make your teeth white with MAKEUP…. not on your teeth though but wearing the correct lip colour or skin tone colour
Want to know how? Well aside from hiring a professional makeup artist you can follow the tips below!

Improve Oral Hygiene with a Water Flosser

You can reach all your teeth using a water flosser. You’ll be able to reach your molars without excessive effort or having to open your mouth extra wide. View our best Waterpik reviews.

Here are a few Makeup tricks you can do

1. Pick a Plum-tone Lipstick

plum tune lipstickDid you know that orange tones can reflect as yellow on your teeth? Cassie Lomas (Celebrity Makeup Artist) says Blue undertones can make your smile look brighter. Look for blue-tones like a bold, true red or a punchy plum. That way, the reflection won’t change the hue of your teeth and your teeth will really stand out more by appearing more white.

2. Make your eyes pop

Making your eyes the focus point from everything else will enhance your pearly whites. Cool-tone colours will help deflect any yellow tones. Blue, purple and silver eyeshadows will brighten your smile during the cold season, while greens and turquoise eyelids will work better in the spring season.

3. Contouring the curves of your mouth

If you accentuate the shape of your mouth, with a berry tone lipstick, you can make it look fuller and can give your teeth an extra shine. To sharpie or neaten the edges of your lip lines, use a concealer or a highlighting pencil .

4. Keep your lips moisturized

Having dry lips is a killzone when it comes to having white teeth. After washing your teeth, make sure you moisturize your lips, you can use coconut oil or any lip balm of your choice.

5. Prevent lip stains from getting on your teeth

You can you use vaseline to prevent your lip colour from getting on your teeth. This tip comes from one of our favorite sites of all time – Makeup Meets Face!

6. Swill some Coconut oil

coconut oilCoconut Oil acts as a defence against staining, once a day swill a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 10mins and rinse off. Use it like mouthwash expect it’s more natural and alcohol free.

Have You Ever Tried a Water Flosser? 

String floss can be a pain and cause unsightly gum bleeding. A water flosser is more effective in removing plaque and also easy to use. Making it a perfect oral health addition for the family. View our best water flosser buyers guide here.