Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser Review

Read this overall Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser Review and you’ll never have problems with your teeth and gums again!

Have you ever had problems with pain while flossing your teeth?

Were you confused because you are doing the exact thing your dentist is saying but the pain keeps persisting?

Do you use regular dental floss or do you belong to the modern generation who’s using a water pick?

According to the latest researches by Mayo Clinic, flossing the teeth with a regular dental floss can even damage your teeth and irritate your gums, causing an open pathway to infection.

By using water flossers, devices that use a steady stream of water to remove food from between your teeth, you are providing gentle but effective care for inside of your mouth.

Introducing Zerhunt Cordless Water Flossers

Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser ReviewThere are lots of options on the market for the best water flossers but which one to choose? One option rises above all others for being both effective and affordable and that is Zerhunt cordless water flosser.

Zerhunt is a reputable brand that sells high-quality products that meets all the required dental standards. A Zerhunt professional water flosser is a long-lasting device that will completely change the way you think about flossing and dental hygiene.

It works to both floss and massage the gums which gives your teeth and gums a nice and satisfying after-feeling.

What features should you keep in mind when choosing the right water flosser:

  • as this option is cordless, ensure a long battery life, and
  • ​an adequate water capacity to reduce the need to refill during flossing.

Water flossers are considered powerful and dentist-approved oral tools. Especially for people who have braces, crowns, implants or any other dentist work that makes traditional flossing impossible and frustrating.

Continue reading this Zerhunt cordless water flosser review and learn more about how a water flosser is best flossing option for oral health today.

​Benefits of using a Zerhunt Professional Water Flosser

1. Completely safe to use

When it comes to flossing with braces or dental implants, a string can get caught between it and cause damage.

By using a Zerhunt professional cordless water flosser you do not have to worry about those things because they safely go around all the oral implements.

2. Provides optimal cleaning

By using a cord you can never reach all the parts inside your mouth to effectively clean your teeth. But these water flossers can and they are more effective as they remove more plaque, decrease the risk of gingivitis issues and reduce bleeding gums.

3. Less inflammation

There is a high possibility you will have swollen gums when using ​traditional ​dental floss because ​you can often apply more pressure than is neccessary. But by flossing the teeth with water you are avoiding unnecessary force and coercion.

​Pro's of Zerhunt Water Flossers

  • It has a 300ml water capacity reservoir which means you don’t have to refill it during one single ​flossing session. The water tank design ​looks professional and elegant.
  • It comes with three modes so you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with: normal, soft and pulse. For the first time using and if your teeth are sensitive, soft mode is recommended.
  • Apart from the modes, it comes with an auto-timer so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on; it will just turn off two minutes after you stop using it.
  • Zerhunt water flossers provide 1700 per minute high pressure pulse for optimal but effective way of cleaning and flossing your teeth and gems. This amount of pressure is a good choice for cleaning all the hidden and hardly reachable places.
  • It also comes with 360 degree long nozzle which removes stains more effectively using the rotating neck that goes around the teeth.
  • Once fully charged, the battery lifetime can go up to 20 days without the need to be charged again. That’s because Zerhunt professional water flosser uses powerful 1.400 mAh lithium battery, charged in just 4 hours which is convenient for the travelers and business people.
  • ​Also comes with a USB cable and charger, IPX7 waterproof internal and external design protection, color coding feature so user sharing is possible and the flosser remembers the last used mode.

Con's of Zerhunt Water Flossers

  • ​Some users have thought the water capacity is not enough but it is sufficient for ​asingle use. If you want larger water capacity, one of the Zerhunt’s products is Dental Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner with 600 ml water container but it comes with a cord.
  • Some clients also say it is tricky to turn him on while having wet hands but this does not feel like a strong argument to be included as a con feature. Also water reservoir button has a solid connection for your protection which is why it’s difficult to turn it on without having dry hands.

Zerhunt vs Waterpik

Waterpik is one of the most trusted brands in the dental hygiene market but Zerhunt’s reputation is coming to its peek as well.

​After reading this Zerhunt cordless water flosser review ​you can see how it is a perfect combination of optimal functionality and modern design​.

Compared to the Waterpik, Zerhunt Professional ​Water Flosser is:

  • Powered by rechargeable battery to avoid repeated battery changing
  • Lighter than Waterpik
  • Smaller than Waterpik so it will fit easily in bags and is great for travel

Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser Review Wrap Up

Even with a small water capacity container, the Zerhunt Professional Water Flosser is the top rated choice among users. Bear in mind that all the dental flossers without ​a cord have much smaller water containers compared to the ones with a cord.

Choosing the right cordless water flosser can be frustrating and stressful but thousands of outstanding Zerhunt cordless water flosser reviews have stated this one as the ideal ratio of functionality, price and general performance.