5 best mouthwash for gingivits and gum diseases

Are you too shy to open your mouth when you are standing close to other people because of bad breath, gingivitis or gum disease?

Then maybe it is time for you to consider using the best mouthwash for gingivitis. Or the best natural mouthwash for gum disease.

Luckily for you there are a lot of products on the market today to treat these conditions. But on the flip side with so many options available it is sometimes difficult to select the best mouthwash brand for your specific needs.


Best mouthwash for gingivitis and gum disease

Here is a list of the best mouthwash for gum diseases that you have at your disposal. So you no longer have to keep your mouth shut or put a hand in front of your mouth when in the company of others.

I should also note that, using a mouthwash and a good water flosser will yield the best results for your gum problems.


#1 Best Overall Mouthwash Choice


Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash

#2 Best Mouthwash For Treating Gingivitis

Listerine Advanced Defence Gum Treatment for Gingivitis 

#3 Best Mouthwash For Receding Gums

ORAMD 100% Pure Mouthwash for Receding Gums 

1. Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash

In this day and age where a lot of people prefer to go the organic route, Healthy Teeth and Gum Organic Mouthwash is your way to go if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.

The Anti-Aging Company’s non-genetically modified natural mouthwash is 100% organic and doesn’t contain any of the following: alcohol, preservatives, salt, gluten, artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners, among other things.

Not only that, but they use lead free glass as well, which guarantees no toxic chemicals leeching out from the glass and disrupting the whole natural setting. It also comes with a strong minty flavor, guaranteed to mask bad breath.

On the plus side, it does contain a variety of natural products that seriously help with mouth health. The first of which is aloe vera, the natural product present in almost all moisturizing skin creams.

It also has xylitol, which is a natural sweetener present in almost every toothpaste on the market. This inhibits bacteria that causes plaque accumulation.

If you use it daily for about 30 seconds per time, the end result is a visible reduction in plaque build-up. Preventing bad breath, helping to stop gum bleeding and inflammation and consequently remedying gum disease.

2. Listerine Advanced Defense Gum Treatment for Gingivitis

If you have been diagnosed with gingivitis, then Listerine Advanced Defense Gum Treatment for Gingivitis should be your go-to mouthwash as it has been clinically proven to be a good remedy.

The company has been around for ages and is currently one of the best to provide oral hygiene products on the market.

They have a product for almost every problem there is. Ranging from products for sensitive teeth to whitening products and of course, gum disease treatment products.

The great thing about Listerine products from Johnson & Johnson is that they are not chlorhexidine based.

For those of you who don’t know, Chlorhexidine is a therapeutic medicine used to treat bleeding gums and periodontal disease. Although very effective, it cannot be used for more than 2 weeks at a time or risk staining the teeth and tongue.

So this Advanced Listerine Mouthwash helps in reducing gum bleeding, without the risk of staining. Therefore you can be use it for a long time.

In fact, studies have shown that it reduces gum bleeding by over 50%, in just two weeks!

It creates an invisible protective layer around the teeth that stops plaque from attaching to tooth surfaces and helps to stop gum bleeding. It also means the gums have time to heal and become healthier.

You have to rinse your mouth with it twice daily until your gums are healed. If you are keen to make sure that the gingivitis doesn’t return, then you can continue to use it in the long run. The Listerine Advanced Defense is simply one of the best mouthwash for gum diseases.

3. OraMD 100% Pure Mouthwash for Receding Gums

The great thing about OraMD is that it is not just a mouthwash, but a mouthwash and toothpaste in one step. The manufacturer claims that you can use it on your brush as well as a regular liquid mouthwash to get the best results.

OraMD is completely natural and pure, which may appeal to a large sum of the population especially nowadays. It has no chemicals, no Fluoride, no abrasives, no alcohol, and most importantly, NO SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which is present in most oral care products but has been proven to have extremely harmful effects.

The ingredients are mainly natural oils of Spearmint leaves and Peppermint Leaves, along with a small amount of Almond oil. All with unique percentages to give the best results and giving a strong minty flavor and smell which should not leave your mouth any time soon.

If you have receding gums and gum disease, then it is an ideal product as the anti-bacterial mouthwash kills the bacteria. It also fights plaque, tartar and cavities.

As mentioned before, you can use it as toothpaste by dropping about 5 drops on the bristles, or as a mouthwash by adding 1 or 2 drops to an ounce of water. Do this twice daily and you will definitely start to feel the effects very soon. Hence why we have selected this as one of the best mouthrinse for gum disease.

4. Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Anti-Gingivitis Rinse Peppermint Twist

Another completely natural product on the market.

Made of a special blend of herbal extracts, the Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Rinse helps to protect the teeth and gums against gingivitis, with no risk of harm that comes from additives such as alcohol and SLS.

What makes this particular brand unique is that it was developed by a dentist, who was dissatisfied with all the mouthwashes on the market.

With a keen affinity towards natural products the result was quite amazing. Several clinical studies have found it to be an effective treatment for serious gum problems. It reduces and prevents gum bleeding and fights plaque.

With the option to , this product gives you an incredibly amazing fresh breath.choose between a peppermint twist and an orange zest flavor

The main active ingredient is Aloe Vera, the anti-aging formula present in most skin creamsIt has proven regenerative effects that can repair the damage done to the gums from gum disease.

The manufacturer recommends using it twice daily for 2 weeks until you see the results. But again since all the ingredients are natural, there is no harm in using it for a bit longer until you are satisfied.

5. TheraBreath Perio Therapy For Gums Treatment Kit

This one is a bit different from the rest. It is not natural per say, but still is free from harmful products such as SLS, Alcohol and Gluten.

The main active ingredient is Cetylpyridinium Chloride, which gives this product its edge since it is an oxygenating product.

This means it does not only clean off plaque and gives a good breath, it also releases oxygen in the process.

Most of the bacteria in the mouth are anaerobic, which means oxygen is lethal to them. Therefore, Thera Breath kills a wider variety of bacteria compared to most other products.

Oxygen also heals and invigorates the gums, giving them a push in the healing process. It is the worlds number one oxygenating gum care system.

Its “unique blend” includes aloe vera, tea tree oil and xylitol, helping to heal damaged gum tissue. While the ZincRx fights the problematic bacteria.

It should be used as a regular mouthwash for 2 weeks, but under supervision from your dentist or hygienist since again it is not all natural. A capful twice a day should be sufficient for you to start feeling the effects.

A TheraBreath toothpaste with similar ingredients is also available. The combination of mouthwash and toothpaste gives the best results.

Best mouthwash for gingivitis, solved!

These of course are our recommendations. But there is a whole lot more that you can find on the market and you need to find the best that suits your needs. Whether you prefer organic products or not, just select something that will do an effective job pretty quickly.

The most important thing is to not just buy the mouthwash and then forget about it. You need to use it daily and not only until your gums have healed. Make it apart of your daily oral routine.

So when it comes to selecting the best mouthwash for gingivitis and gum disease, make sure it is one that does the job effectively.