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DiamondClean, DiamondClean Smart, Essence, FlexCare Plus HealthyWhite, Protective Clean

With nearly a hundred percent of adults worldwide having dental cavities, it’s not surprising that a lot of people are looking for ways to improve their oral health.

Your teeth play a huge role in your everyday life that it’s crucial that you get to keep them for as long as possible. So if you’re after a new way to care for your pearly whites, you might be interested in getting to know more about the best Sonicare toothbrush available today.

But what exactly are these sonic toothbrushes and why should you give them a try? Learn more about these products and the best of its kind below.




#1 Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Straightforward controls make it very easy to work with

#2 Philips Sonicare Flexcare 

Designed to help whiten teeth and improve gum health 

#3 Philips Sonicare Diamond Toothbrush 

Packed with great features that will make brushing easier and more effective


How do you choose the right Philips sonic toothbrush for your needs? Here are 7 Sonicare toothbrush reviews that might just be able to help you out.


The Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush may be the most basic item in the Sonicare range but it can already be more than enough for a lot of people.

This item is already 2x more effective in removing plaque than manual toothbrushes so you can easily count on it to help you improve your oral health.

What can this product offer? For starters, you can already enjoy Philips’ patented sonic technology with this product and at a very low price.

So if you’re not after something with a lot of bells and whistles, this can already be a great choice. It can already provide 31000 strokes per minute, giving your mouth the thorough cleaning it needs.

It also already comes with a 2-minute timer. This will help you spend enough time brushing your teeth which can already help guarantee the improvement of your dental health.

A lot of people also think that it’s a good starter piece if you want to switch to a sonic toothbrush from a manual one. Its straightforward operation makes it a fuss-free choice for those who have never used an electric toothbrush before.

Without any other settings to choose from, you won’t be confused with what to do with your gadget. You can then focus in properly brushing your teeth.

With its affordable price and power, it can also help you get a good grasp of what the technology can offer without spending an arm and a leg. And if you’re not a fan of its strong movement, you don’t have to feel too bad about the money you’ve spent on it.

Its Easy-Start setting also helps make this product a beginner-friendly option. This feature will ease you into the movements your sonic toothbrush can make as it won’t let you use the full speed during your initial use.

It will start at a slow pace then increase the intensity with each use until your 12th use. The two beeps at the start of your brushing session will signal you that the feature is in effect.

Aside from its mechanical capabilities, its physical design also says a lot about the functionality of this product. Its design will let you easily reach most areas inside your mouth so you don’t have to worry about not being able to run the toothbrush all over the place.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Straightforward controls make it very easy to work with
  • 31000 strokes per minute
  • 2-minute timer
  • Very friendly price


For the practical buyers, the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Premium Edition 2 Pack Bundle would be a nice choice. This product can offer you great value for your money as it comes with two sets of FlexCare toothbrushes, a UV toothbrush sanitizer, two travel caps and hard cases, and a compact travel charger. It’s practically a set for couples who want to work on their dental health together.

Aside from being a convenient and practical choice, this product also offers a powerful grooming tool. The FlexCare is an excellent mid-range model that can already address various kinds of dental woes. It’s rather flexible so it can also be a great choice for those who are just looking for a way to treat their teeth better. It can help whiten your teeth and improve gum health so you can count on it as an all-around option.

With its three brushing modes, you can certainly tailor-fit your brushing session according to your oral health needs. It has the ‘Clean’ mode which will help you brush your teeth clean in the basic Sonicare method. It also has a ‘Sensitive’ mode so it can be gentler on your teeth and gums. Its ‘Massage’ mode completes this list wherein you can receive a stimulating and soothing cleaning action.

Its most promising feature? Its whitening capacity. It claims to be able to whiten your teeth in just one week of use which is an enticing prospect. As it comes with DiamondClean brush heads, it’s not too surprising for this product to have such a bold claim. These brush heads are densely packed and specially engineered to effectively remove stains, so it can certainly help give you a whiter smile.

What tends to really stand out with this product is its UV toothbrush sanitizer. A lot of people struggle with keeping their electric toothbrushes hygienic. Some are prone to mold growth due to inadequate drying, storage, and even the actual toothbrush design. Such issues can be prevented by this sanitizer as it can guarantee to keep your brush head clean no matter how humid your bathroom might get.

If you travel a lot, this set can also be a great choice for you. As it comes with two hard cases and a compact charger, this makes traveling with a powered toothbrush a lot easier.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Two toothbrushes for one
  • Designed to help whiten teeth and improve gum health
  • Ideal for traveling
  • UV toothbrush sanitizer will help keep your toothbrush hygienic


The Philips Sonicare Diamond Toothbrush with Adaptive Clean Brush Head and Deep Clean Mode combines both form and function in one fancy package. This can explain why it’s one of the most popular picks today.

Being one of the high-end pieces in the Sonicare range, you can definitely expect a lot from this item. And the fact that it’s our pick for being the best versatile toothbrush should say a lot about its capabilities.

What can this product offer? It’s an all-arounder grooming tool. It can effectively remove 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush, for starters. This ensures a thorough and proper cleaning of your teeth without you breaking a sweat.

It’s also highly effective in whitening your choppers and can do so within just one week. With the effective plaque removing movements of this toothbrush and its use of DiamondClean brush heads, it can effectively remove stains.

This product is also designed to help improve your gum health. Thanks to its effective plaque-removing and thorough-cleaning capability, you can count on it to give you a healthier smile. In fact, it promises to do so in just two weeks so if you want a quick way to deal with your gum problems, this product might just be able to help you out.

It’s also very versatile because of its five brush modes. It offers the standard ‘Clean’ and ‘Sensitive’ modes which are also found in the FlexCare model listed above. It also has the ‘White’ mode which is designed to help remove surface stains as well as brighten and polish your choppers. Then, there’s also the ‘Polish’ mode which will let you brighten and polish your teeth for a gleaming smile. Last is the ‘Gum Care’ mode which adds another minute to your brushing session to massage your gums.

Guaranteeing its convenient use is its Smartimer and Quadpacer. These two features will help make brushing easier for you as they will ensure that you’ll spend enough time cleaning your teeth.

Its fancy features do not stop here, though. Another impressive offering this product has is its glass charging base. So if you’re not a big fan of those clunky plastic charging bases that tend to make your counters look cluttered, this will be a nice plus for the DiamondClean.

This is a literal glass that’s powered by conduction technology so it can charge your Sonicare when you perch it inside. You can also use it as an actual glass if you need such when rinsing your mouth after brushing. Just make sure to remove it from its base first before filling it with water.

You’ll also get a USB Charging Travel Case if you purchase this item. So if you travel a lot, you won’t have to pack a different toothbrush or bother with lugging around a clunky charging base with you.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Packed with great features that will make brushing easier and more effective
  • Fancy charging accessories
  • Cleans and whitens your teeth as well as improves your gum health
  • Ideal for all kinds of users


The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 Plaque Control tends to raise some questions because of its unique name. Generally speaking, all toothbrushes can help protect your ivories from cavities and clean it thoroughly, so its name can seem a bit redundant to some. But with the functionality of this product, the name makes perfect sense.

The first thing that you have to know about this product is that it’s engineered to help safely clean your ivories. As there are some folks who like to go hard on their teeth, they end up damaging their tooth enamel instead of having a healthy smile. The ProtectiveClean prevents this as it’s an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor. This feature will inform you if you’re pressing too hard on your teeth or gums with your toothbrush by making a pulsing sound.

This is a very handy feature if you tend to brush your teeth too hard. It’s a habit that can be hard to break for many, so having an automatic reminder can bring in some necessary change. It basically takes the Sonicare plaque control capabilities to the next level as it promises not to go overboard in cleaning your choppers.

Combined with the BrushSync feature, this toothbrush is also more intuitive when it comes to cleaning your teeth. While this model only has one brush mode, this feature helps select the correct mode and intensity level that you need in cleaning your teeth. Don’t worry about it going overboard as it also comes with the Easy Start feature which will help ease you into the use of sonic toothbrushes.

Because of these, the ProtectiveClean is also a suitable choice for those with sensitive teeth as well as those who wear orthodontics or had some dental work done before. It can guarantee a gentle way to thoroughly clean your teeth which can also help ensure better dental health.

Another notable thing about this product is its brush head replacement reminder. The BrushSync feature will let you know if you need to replace your brush head with its light indicator. This makes sure that you’ll always get the most thorough cleaning with this toothbrush.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Advanced features will let you know if you’re applying too much pressure on your teeth or if you need to change brush heads
  • Suitable for those with sensitive teeth or those wearing veneers, braces, fillers, or crowns
  • Comes with the Easy Start, QuadPacer, and SmartTimer features
  • Friendly price


Another high-end option that you can go for is the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean HX9332. This product is an older version of the other DiamondClean model listed above, so it might have a few differences. In any case, this product is still one of the most powerful and feature-packed options from the Sonicare line.

What makes this product worth the splurge? Its features, definitely top the list. It has five brush modes that cover all of your brushing needs. It includes the standard ‘Clean’, ‘Gum Care’, ‘Polish’, ‘Sensitive’, and ‘White’. These make this model highly versatile and will let you address various issues without a fuss.

With these brush modes, you can carefully tackle various dental woes you might be suffering from. You can work on whitening your teeth this week and then proceed to polish it the next. If you feel like your gums already need some attention, you can easily switch to the Gum Care mode. And if your teeth tend to become sensitive from time to time, you can also just switch to that mode when you feel like you need to be more gentle with your choppers.

Its SmartTimer and QuadPaceer features are also very handy additions to this piece of tech. Not only will it ensure that you’ll brush your teeth for two minutes. It will also ensure that you’ll spend enough time on each section of your mouth. This can help you build a very good brushing technique, allowing you to work on improving the health of your ivories.

The accessories for this product are very noteworthy as well. It also comes with the glass charger like the other DiamondClean model listed above so you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing charging base with this product. It also comes with a hard travel case with USB charging and two brush heads.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Feature-packed
  • Comes with a set of awesome accessories
  • Can help handle various dental issues


The Philips Sonicare Flexcare Whitening Edition may highlight its whitening effects in its name but it’s actually a lot more than just a teeth whitening tool. This product is also an excellent option for traveling and is a practical choice for couples.

There are so many things this product can offer but let’s start with its primary feature. Its dubbed as the Whitening Edition because it’s engineered to whiten your teeth in just a week. With its powerful and dynamic brushing action through its ‘White’ mode, it removes stain buildup on your teeth quite easily. This can then result in a whiter smile within days of use.

But aside from its whitening features, it can also help care for your gums and clean your teeth thoroughly. Its ‘Massage’ mode allocates a few seconds to massaging your gums to help stimulate and soothe it. This can result in a more relaxing grooming session and healthier gums.

What makes it ideal for traveling is the travel cases and chargers that come with the set. These will make packing them up and lugging them around a lot simpler to do.

As this set also comes with two handles, you can either just leave one inside your luggage if you travel a lot and use the other at home. It’s also a practical option since the other unit can also be used by your significant other.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Comes with a UV toothbrush sanitizer
  • Can whiten your teeth within one week of use


If you’re after the best Sonicare toothbrush that will help you keep your teeth in great shape no matter what you eat, then the Philips Sonicare Healthywhite+ would be a great choice for you. As the name suggests, it can keep your pearly whites in its ideal condition so you don’t have to bother avoiding certain foods and drinks.

Offering two brush modes and three intensity settings, this toothbrush will let you customize your brushing sessions. You can choose to just clean it with the ‘Clean’ mode or opt to effectively remove the plaque buildup with the ‘White’ mode. The three intensity settings will then let you control just how hard or gentle you want to be on your teeth, so you get a say in how your pearly whites will be treated.

To further help ensure a thorough clean on your teeth is its SmartTimer and QuadPacer. With these, you can be sure that you’ll spend enough time brushing your teeth. Combined with its dynamic cleaning action, there’s a very good chance that this toothbrush will help improve your dental health.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Can help prevent food and drinks from staining your teeth
  • Provides thorough cleaning
  • Customizable settings

The best Sonicare toothbrush might vary from one person to another since most folks struggle with different oral health issues.

This is why it’s crucial that you find the right match for you so you can be sure to get the best results from your purchase. With the number of available options, though, you can be sure to find a good match for you so you don’t have to worry when it comes to your choices.

In addition, look for the best electric toothbrush for braces in our lineup!


A lot of dentists say that there hasn’t been a lot of improvement when it comes to the toothbrush. Sure, they come in different shapes and sizes nowadays, but they’re not entirely technologically different from what were used a few decades back.

The most notable change? The bristles became longer or positioned differently. They’re not exceedingly different from the traditional tools your grandparents used during their youth, however. In fact, some people today are actually reverting back to the classic styles as they’re already being sustainably produced.

The biggest improvements these oral hygiene tools have seen, really, is when they became electric in the 1950s. From then on, it took three decades for the sonic toothbrushes to come to life.

These electric toothbrushes promise great improvements in one’s oral health as they are designed to perform better than their non-powered counterparts. Their biggest edge is the independent movement that their brush heads can make. This allows them to promise more efficiency and better cleaning ability.

But what sets the sonic toothbrush apart from your traditional electric toothbrush? Is it worth the upgrade? How do you even choose the right sonic toothbrush? We’ll answer all of these pressing questions below.


What exactly is a sonic toothbrush and what makes it different from a classic electric toothbrush? While both are electric powered devices, sonic toothbrushes are more powerful than the electric ones.

Traditional electric toothbrushes move at about 2500 to 7000 strokes per minute while sonic varieties move at 30,000 to 40,0000 per minute. This gives them the name as the term ‘sonic’ is often used to refer to high-speed vibration.

With this technology, sonic toothbrushes are said to provide better cleaning. In fact, these devices claim that they can also clean the surfaces that they don’t touch. The “non-contact cleaning” tends to be the biggest selling point as it offers great efficiency. With this, you can be able to clean more areas that other kinds of toothbrushes won’t be able to reach.


It’s one thing for a product to have an astounding design but it’s another for it to actually deliver its promises. And because of the grand promise of this product, it’s more important to find out whether it actually works as advertised or not.

Regular and powered toothbrushes are said to be effective in removing plaque and cleaning the surface of the teeth with proper brushing. So do you still need a sonic toothbrush to achieve good oral hygiene?

According to experts, there’s evidence that sonic toothbrushes can actually do what they purport to do. The extreme vibration is said to create enough energy and motion that can power fluids inside the mouth to clean hard to reach areas. These include the spaces in between the teeth and below the gum line.

Because of this, they can really clean some areas that their bristles don’t touch. This makes it superior to other kinds of toothbrushes available in the market today.

However, experts also want to note that its effectiveness still depends on the user. If you have a poor oral hygiene and you’ll barely use your sonic toothbrush, then it’s highly likely that it won’t do much for you. However, if you practice good oral hygiene religiously even without a sonic toothbrush, then your dental health will be in great shape.

For example, even if you only use a basic, non-powered toothbrush but you floss and use a mouthwash regularly, you can still have excellent dental health. Flossing ensures that you’ll be able to remove plaque and stuck food and other debris in between your teeth. If you use regular floss, you might even get to apply more fluoride to the hard to reach surfaces of your teeth.

However, for the best oral hygiene, consider a water flosser. These devices tend to have better reach than regular dental floss so they might just be more effective in removing whatever’s stuck in between your teeth. So aside from the traditional dental floss rolls, dental picks, and floss threaders, there are other alternatives such as Waterpik cordless water flossers that you can go for.

The good thing, however, is the fact that people tend to brush their teeth more thoroughly with the electric varieties than with the non-powered ones. Research has shown that people brush their teeth longer with the help of these items. This increases the likelihood of them doing a better job at covering more areas and surfaces inside the mouth than when brushing manually. This makes it a more promising option if you’re trying to up your oral health game.

If you use a good Sonicare electric toothbrush, floss, and use mouthwash, however, your dentist will love you. This routine will help you cover all your bases when it comes to maintaining good oral health.


What exactly is the Sonicare toothbrush? Officially known as the Philips Sonicare toothbrush, it’s a line of sonic toothbrushes that was first introduced in the early 1990s. It features a patented technology that offers a dynamic cleaning action for your teeth and gums. It features high-powered brushing movements without damaging the sensitive areas inside your mouth. It became the best-selling power toothbrush line in the early noughties, even before it was branded as the Philips Sonicare.

What makes this product stand out is its power. It’s designed to produce up to 62,000 movements per minute. That’s about 31,000 strokes in 60 seconds, giving your teeth a seriously thorough cleaning without damaging the enamel of your teeth. With its soft bristles, it won’t be too abrasive for your choppers, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your beautiful smile.

Its numbers aren’t the only things that are impressive about these devices. Studies have also determined that the Sonicare is more effective than its leading competitors when it comes to cleaning your teeth. It performs well in removing plaque as well as reducing pocket depth and gingival inflammation so it’s more promising when it comes to improving your periodontal health.

The best thing about the Philips Sonicare line is that there are so many options to choose from. Each may be designed to address a specific concern but all of them are guaranteed to help you improve your dental health, with proper use, of course. Aside from thorough cleaning, however, you can also expect the toothbrushes from this line to help improve your gum health and have whiter teeth.

Certain models have special additional features and settings that can do something unique for you. So if you have a specific goal in mind, you might want to focus on that to narrow down your options.

No matter which model you intend to go for, though, there are some features that you can expect your Sonicare unit to have:

  • Different brushing modes. This will let you choose how you want your device to move to clean your teeth. You can set it to TongueCare when cleaning your tongue then switch to Clean or DeepClean when brushing your teeth. You can also opt to use the Sensitive or Massage modes if you want a gentler way to take care of your teeth.
  • Different brush intensity settings. While some high-end electric brushes also offer the same feature, it comes in handy with sonic toothbrushes as not everyone can handle high-intensity brushing on their first go. Most Sonicare units come with Easy-Start, Low, Medium, and High settings.
  • Different brushing timers. All Sonicare units come with the SmartTimer (KidTimer for the kiddie models) which will tell you when the dentist-recommended 2-minute brushing time has elapsed. However, some units also get the QuadPacer and BrushPacer which will notify you when to move to another section. They will help ensure that you’ll spend enough time cleaning each tooth.

Another important feature that you need to know about the Philips Sonicare line is that each model uses the best Sonicare toothbrush head which is universally compatible (except for two specific models, Essence and PowerUp). This makes them more versatile and economical as you won’t have to worry about finding a specific brush head for your unit. And if you even choose to replace your old Sonicare with a different model, you can still use your old stock of brush heads.


How do you choose the best Philips Sonicare toothbrush for you? Here are a few tips that might come in handy for your search:


One of the most impressive things about the Philips Sonicare range is that there’s practically something for everyone. If you’ll search for Sonicare products in Philips’ website, you’ll get tens of thousands of results which means there are lots of models available right now. The total number there doesn’t necessarily equate to all of the models as some can be replacement parts and accessories. But if you’ll take out the actual models, you can be sure to get quite a handful of options.

To give you some idea of what’s available right now, here are a few of the most popular models that you can get:

  • DiamondClean. This top-of-the-line model boasts of the most advanced features for an already advanced device.
  • DiamondClean Smart. This model takes the DiamondClean to the next level as it comes with sensors and apps that will give you personalized coaching to help you take better care of your teeth.
  • Essence. This is the most straightforward option in the range as it only has one brushing mode. It can still get the job done with its 62000 movements per minute rate, though.
  • Essence Plus. this is an upgrade from the basic Essence as it comes with the QuadPacer to help you allocate enough time for each section inside your mouth.
  • FlexCare. Promising complete gum care, this variety offers 3 brushing modes and even a UV brush head sanitizer.
  • FlexCare Plus. In this more versatile version of the classic FlexCare, users can get 5 brushing modes and the possibility of improving their gum health in just two weeks.
  • FlexCare Platinum. Also designed to help improve your gum health, this model offers more than just a few additional brush modes. It also comes with a pressure sensor that will alert you if you’re pressing your toothbrush too hard on your teeth.
  • FlexCare Platinum Connected. This is an upgrade of the FlexCare Platinum and will let you connect to a smartphone app through its built-in Bluetooth.
  • HealthyWhite. As the name suggests, this model is designed to remove stains and whiten your teeth effectively.
  • HealthyWhite Plus. With six customizable settings, this model promises to whiten your teeth within one week of use.
  • Sonicare for Kids. Designed for kids, this model also comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection. It can track and provide expert brushing coaching to your little one through a smartphone app.
  • Protective Clean. The perfect pick for travelers and busy individuals, this model is not only designed to help improve your gum health but it also makes using a powered toothbrush more convenient.
  • Sonicare 2. Made for effective plaque removal, this model makes it easier for you to clean your teeth thoroughly, including its hard to reach areas.
  • Sonicare 3. This is designed to address and fight the early signs of a gum disease while gently cleaning your teeth.


As noted above, these products come with various features and capabilities. So if you have specific concerns or goals for your pearly whites, you should consider them when choosing a model.

Doing this can be a bit tricky, however, as some of them have similar features. This is why it’s best to find out first what your needs are so you can narrow down your options. You can then compare the ones that offer the features you need.

You should also try not to get overwhelmed by the advanced features some of these models have. A few of them have fancy tech in them that are very impressive. However, not everyone needs them, so you should make sure to prioritize your needs first when weighing your options.


Sonicare toothbrushes are available in a very wide range of prices, so you should also consider your budget when shopping for one of them. Some are definitely considered as splurges while there are lots of great investments. You’ll also find a couple of steals in their range as long as you know what you need and how to compare your options.

If you’re willing to spend more, you can opt for the ones that are brimming with advanced features. The DiamondClean and FlexCare Platinum models are certainly at the higher end of the range’s scale with their Bluetooth connectivity and personal coaching apps.

The Sonicare for Kids, on the other hand, already comes with advanced features despite its relatively affordable price. So if you think a bit of advanced technology can help your little one practice better oral hygiene, then this can be a great investment for them.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a toothbrush, you can also opt to do that while taking advantage of what the Sonicare line can offer. The Essence won’t break the bank.

All the other falls in between, so they’re also great options depending on your budget.

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