Travel Dental Care

travel dental careWhen you are traveling for pleasure or business, you may find it hard to take care of your oral health. It is not easy to stick to a routine when you are not at home. But that does not mean that you should compromise your oral health. In this post, we will provide some travel dental care tips that you may find helpful.

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Take a large travel container with enough air circulation. Germ will not breed on the toothbrush if you keep it in this travel container. Use a case with a loose brush holder. The container should have holes for ventilation and drainage. Clean the case before you start your trip. Do not take this matter lightly.

Dry out your toothbrush

A wet toothbrush is the breeding place of bacteria. When you reach your destination, use your brush, taking it out of its case. The water from the brush will drain away if you keep it upright in a cup.

Just do not keep it in a place where others may make it dirty. And when you reach home, do not forget to take the brush out of the container. Your toothbrush should be dry when you are not using it.

Treats for teeth

When you are traveling, you may not find it convenient to brush your teeth just after having your meal. In such a situation, to keep your teeth clean, you can use some tooth treats. The flow of saliva can be stimulated by chewing some sugarless gum.

Bacteria and food particles will stick to the gum. You can also protect your teeth by drinking green tea and sucking sugarless candies. Cavities caused by bacteria can be treated with green tea. If you take travel dental care seriously, consider getting some treats for teeth.

Be careful of what you are eating

You will have to change your eating habits when you are on vacation. You will have to try new food items. When you are having good times, you may crave some snacks.

Although can not avoid them, you can limit the frequency of your exposure to sugar. Have sugary items, but do it fewer times. With some restraint, you can do some good to your teeth.

Plan a checkup

When you are on vacation, you lose track in terms of dental care. It is not like staying at home, where you can have a good relationship with your dentist. That is why you should make an appointment with a dentist before start your trip. Your dentist will find issues before they get worse. He will also give you valuable advice on dental care.

Planning a checkup is a part of your travel dental care. Even if a dentist finds nothing, visiting the dentist will give you peace of mind. Visiting a dentist is one of the best things you can do before a trip.

Be prepared for emergency

Make your that you can contact your dentist any time. You can have his contact info handy. In your wallet, you can also keep a business card. You may need to talk to your dentist in some situations.

Your dentist can resolve many dental emergencies over the phone. As a patient, feel free to ask your dentist if you can not decide on something. A good dentist will be more than happy to answer your questions.

In case you forget your toothbrush

Forgetting your toothbrush is not like forgetting your sunscreen or phone charger. If you lose your toothbrush, you can use your finger and vigorously rinse with water. Some cavity-causing bacteria will be washed away.

If you are looking for some travel dental care tips, you will find this tip very useful. Take a clean washcloth and put some toothpaste on it. Use the washcloth as an alternative to your toothbrush. And when you buy a toothbrush, make sure it is the softest one in the shop.

Use a resealable plastic bag to store the toothbrush

When you are at home, you can air dry your toothbrush and keep it clean. But when you are on vacation, doing that may not be possible for you. In that case, you can use a resealable plastic bag and keep the toothbrush in the bag. Storing your toothbrush is a part of your travel dental care.

Thus your toothbrush will be dry and free from bacteria. When your toothbrush is separate from other items in your luggage, it will be safe for use. And when you get back home, do not forget to let it air dry.

Bring some sugarless gum

During a flight, you can chew some sugarless gum. It will relieve air pressure. On vacation, it is a good way to keep cavities at bay. After a meal, you just have to chew it for 10-15 minutes to prevent cavities.

When you chew sugarless gum, saliva flows and as a result cavity-causing bacteria get washed. And when you buy sugarless gum, make sure it has the ADA seal.

Bring a portable water flosser

Keep a toothbrush handy when you are traveling. This simple act can help you practice good dental care. When you have to stop, use that time to brush and rinse your teeth. Flossing can be a real issue when you are traveling. You may not be comfortable with a floss stick.

But flossing is not less important than brushing, and you have to take it very seriously. You will find the process a lot easier if you are bring a portable water flosser. This device is easily available and easy to use. Flossing is easy and fun if you have a water flosser.

If necessary, use bottled water

If you are in a place where pure water is scarce, consider using bottled water when you brush teeth. You will also need to use bottled water if you are having an adventure in the wilderness. If you are looking for some travel dental care tips, this is one of the most important tips.

When you need to brush your teeth, avoid using the local water. And if you happen to get the dirty water on your brush, rinse the brush with bottled water or get a new one. Getting a new brush is a good idea if you find a shop nearby.

Go small

Make sure you do not end up taking too many oral hygiene items when you are traveling. Take just a few things and use every single one of them. Do not take any extra item. Choose foldable toothbrushes.

Take mini toothpastes. Keep all these things in your purse before you start your journey. If your purse is compact, all the items will be handy. As a rule of thumb, you should practice minimalism when traveling. Be a minimalist just for a few days.

Eat healthy snacks

When you are traveling, completely avoid sugary treats. Sugar is bad not only for teeth but also human body in general. You should avoid them because you can not brush your teeth right after having those treats. Instead, choose healthy snacks that are good for your teeth. They are also good for your overall health.

Keep some carrots and broccoli in a cooler, and bring that cooler with you. If kids are traveling with you, make sure snacking is easy for them. Box fruit juices may be convenient for you, but you should skip them because fruit juices are not always good for teeth.

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