Are Water Flossers Good for Kids?

are water flossers good for kids

Kids are not good at flossing, and there are good reasons for that. But we all know that flossing is an inseparable part of dental routine. If the good habit of flossing is not formed, your kids will deal with a lot of problems. Plaque will build up, and that may lead to cavities.

And if your child uses braces, he may face some more issues. Braces have brackets, and plaque gets stuck around the brackets. If you do not pay attention to oral care, your child may notice white spot lesions.

It is a well-known fact that flossing is good for your child’s teeth and gum. But the question is, should your kids use a traditional flosser or water flosser? Are water flossers good for kids? In this post, we try to find an answer to this question.

The Easy Way To Get Kids Into Flossing. 

Since using a water flosser is easy and safe to use, young children, can be taught how to use this device. Best Waterpik for Kids

What is a water flosser?

It is important to floss regularly because it removes food particles that get stuck in the gums. If your child has braces, the issue gets a bit more complicated. Dentists recommend flossing at least once in 24 hours.

If your child skips nightly flossing, he may develop cavities and other serious oral issues. A water flosser can help you get rid of plaque and other food particles from your teeth and gums. Your child can use it between meals, or you can make a different routine for him.

Are water flossers good for kids? The answer is: yes. The device is designed in such a way that even a child can use it comfortably. To make it suitable for your child, you have to set the pressure and pulsation. The device works by releasing a steady stream of water and removing food particles, plaque and bacteria.

There is another health benefit of using a water flosser. The gum tissue is stimulated by the pulsating action of the device. There are different brands to choose from. When choosing a water flosser, make sure it is from a reputable company.

Water flossers can remove bacteria and plaque

There are different types of bacteria, and they usually sit in between the teeth. If you brush, you will clean only the surface area of the teeth. But, in between your teeth, there will still be plaque and bacteria. A water flosser mainly targets these areas.

By pulsating water, this device cleans plaque and bacteria. There are some models that mimic a real dental floss, although users say that water flossers are more effective. After using this device, your child will feel good because of the clean mouth.

Good for cleaning braces

Usually it takes a lot of time to clean braces properly. You have to clean them after every meal. If your child has braces, it is a really good idea to buy him a water flosser. Kids with braces tend to skip cleaning braces, and that leads to a host of other problems.

But braces should be thoroughly cleaned, and you can get the job done really easily if you have a water flosser. Water flossers can target the plaque around, between and underneath the brackets.

Fast cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your child’s teeth, you want to get it done within a short time. If that is important for you, you should use a water flosser. This device is designed to get the job done quickly. Are water flossers good for kids? Yes, it is good partly because of its ease of use.

The process is really fast. If your kid has braces, a water flosser will save your valuable time, and flossing will not seem like a chore. With this device, you can clean your kid’s teeth and braces within a couple of minutes.

Water flossing is easy and fun

If you have braces and you use a conventional dental floss, your child may not have a pleasant experience. It will take time, and your child will need some skills to do it right. The process is not very simple. That is why you have to deliberately make some attempts to teach your kids how to floss.

You can even make it fun for your kids. Using a water flosser is easy and fun. Because of the funny part, kids will enjoy water flossing. Apart from this, a water flosser is a pretty cute device.

Your child will enjoy using it. Once you have bought this device, you will no longer have to worry about additional supervision. It will make you less stressed.

This device can massage the gum

A water flosser can not only clean between the teeth but also clean the gum. Along the gum line, you just need to move the nozzle. With a water flosser, you want to clean your teeth.

But here you are getting more than that. The amazing massage it the bonus with the cleaning effect. Are water flossers good for kids? These devices are good because they can also massage the gum.

Less regular flossing is needed

This is one of the reasons why water flossers are becoming so popular. If you use water flossing, you still need a regular floss, but it no longer remains a necessity. Moreover, flossing itself becomes an enjoyable act.

A water flosser can also be a replacement of a regular floss. You just have to make sure that it is from a reputable company. To make regular flossing more effective, a high quality water flosser pulsates a real floss. For your child’s oral hygiene, water flossing alone is enough.

Choosing a water flosser for your child

If you want to purchase a water flosser for your child, choose the same one that you would choose for yourself. In fact, one water device is enough for all the members of your family. But the number of additional tips will depend on the number of members in your family.

Make sure the water flosser is from a reputable company and it is powerful enough to clean your child’s teeth. With different pressure settings, it can be suitable for both you and your family. Tell all other family members to use different nozzles.

When your child uses a water flosser, make sure you supervise him. Talk to your child about the device and tell him that it is not a toy.

When should your child start using it?

Many dentists recommend water flossers as soon as children can brush and floss. According to most experts, kids should start using it at the age of 6 to 12.

The range is reasonable, and it can be a good reference. When are water flossers good for kids? The answer is: they are good for your child when your child needs to brush and floss.

From the very beginning, you have to supervise your child when starts using a water flosser. Some kids tend to play with it, mistakenly thinking that it is a toy. In some cases, the consequence may be dangerous. You should talk to your child about it and tell him that the device is not a toy.

Making a decision

If you purchase a water flosser for your child, he will be more consistent and regular in following his oral care routine. For the oral hygiene of your child, a water flosser can do wonders.

If you buy only one device, everyone in your family can use it. It can effectively remove bacterial plaque and food particles from your child’s gums.

If you want to ensure oral hygiene of your child, buying him a water flosser is one of the best things you can do. It is better than traditional flossing, and the procedure can be fun if you teach your child how to use the device.

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